The Best Type of Work in College Revealed

What are the best jobs for college students? I’ve covered the best part time jobs in general. I just haven’t gone into great detail on working in college. Let’s talk about this…

“Virtually all of us make our living engaging directly with other people. When the interactions are genuine and transparent, they usually work. When they are artificial or manipulative, they fail.” — Seth Godin

With the next college semester around the corner I wanted to share with you the best sort of jobs all students should be chasing after. In one sentence I’ll reveal the best type of work for college students that I wish I had done more of.

I wish I got more experience working in sales in college to be honest.

I shared my first experience selling stuff on my other blog, Start Freelancing Now. I did some sales work (selling chocolates to be specific) in my early-teens, but I wish I had more experience in this. I wish I learned how to sell and promote in college.

Why’s work in sales one of the best jobs for college students?

I believe that all students should work in sales because you have to learn how to deal with people. Being on the front line is the best way to master the art of dealing with complaints and trying to promote products. In life, you’re always going to have to sell yourself (job interviews and possible promotions when moving up the ladder) or other products if you work in a company that distributes any sort of goods.

The sooner that you start working on your speaking skills and ability to promote something, the better off that you’ll be. The goal should be to figure out how to promote stuff without being sleazy (which can be tough).

The thing is that we’re all naturally nervous and uncomfortable with selling ourselves. It just doesn’t seem natural to be your own hype person or to have to promote some product. This is why as a broke college student you have nothing to lose and should be eager to learn how to sell.

Can you create your own job in sales?

I believe in taking control of your own life instead of waiting around for someone to give you a chance. You can easily create your own sales job. You can start an online business in a few easy steps.

By running a few blogs I’m in a position where I have to try to sell stuff. I guess you could say that I created a job where I work in sales. So the answer is yes. You can create a job in sales. You can start freelancing. You can try affiliate marketing. You can work in retail. You can sell chocolates door-to-door. There are many ways that you can create opportunities for yourself to be in sales.

What are other good jobs for college students?

I would have to say that a good job as a student is anything that actually pays you money. When in school you usually don’t have much money and far too much free time. If you can’t find work in sales, then don’t stress too much. However, if you like a challenge and aren’t afraid to push yourself, this could be the job for you.

That’s what I have to say about what I consider to be one of the best jobs for college students.

What kind of jobs are you going to be applying for? Do you like working in sales?

For more information on this topic, check out my detailed piece on working in college.

2 thoughts on “The Best Type of Work in College Revealed”

  1. Hey, Martin. It’s been a while. I agree that a sales job is probably best for college students. At a minimum, there is a low barrier to entry for these types of jobs. I have a friend who works at Verizon Wireless and easily earns $70k full time. So, I would suspect that a hard charging college student who is working part time can earn close to $30K.

    1. You’re right about the low barrier to entry. Many of these jobs only pay you commission based on what you actually sell. That also means that they’re often not that picky with employees. This means that as a student you can sneak in and also your way into a decent income.

      I was offered a sales job in college, but I turned it down because I wanted a guaranteed income. I regret not taking this and getting the experience.

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