When Spending Money in Your 20s Will Force You to Make More Money

I’m finally moving away for college… seven years later. Better late than never, right?

Why am I moving away now? Does this make sense?

The truth is that I’m taking a risk. I’m risking both my time and money here. When it comes to what to do after college, I’m experimenting with everything. I traveled the world for a bit, started an online business, and enjoyed myself. Now I want to move far away from home to see what it feels like.

The topic of how to budget and save money, usually revolves around the cheapest alternative. For me this would be to simply continue living at home and saving money until I’m 40 or married (whichever comes first).

I wanted to share my options with you for my living situation:

  • I could live in my condo and spend huge money. I own a condo and spent the summer living in the downtown area. I could continue to do this, but it’s just too expensive and there’s more money in renting it out.
  • I always have the option of staying at home. I do too much around the house to get kicked out, so I could’ve chosen to stay home for the time being.
  • Move away. My cousin approached me about moving out with him and someone else an hour away from my current home. I would be away from home, but not too far that I couldn’t pop in whenever I wanted to.

I chose option three for life after college. It was a bit hectic because I moved away the same week that I had a flight to Denver for four days where I attended the Financial Blogger Conference. The good news is that I had an absolute blast at this conference and even won an award in the process (Best Finance Blog For Young Adults). I’ll get into that more later on.

Why will spending more money force me to make more money?

I’m tired of being comfortable. Between staying at home and working at my part-time job, I’ve always been far too comfortable. It’s easy to become complacent. It’s easy to take it easy. I’m more ready for more growth. I’m ready to challenge myself.

I’m not one of those “follow your passions” zealots. I love the idea of working on your own projects. I also believe in being realistic. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next to be perfectly honest.

I’m now forced to make more money because I have to pay rent and can’t rely on my part-time gig for a safety net.

I’m ready to take things to the next level.

I’m curious to hear from you guys, has spending money ever forced you to make more money?

3 thoughts on “When Spending Money in Your 20s Will Force You to Make More Money”

  1. Spending money has spurred me to try to make more money, but usually without success. I’ve probably made more money from side gigs this year than in the rest of my life combined, but we’re still only talking about a few hundred dollars.

      1. As I said Saturday, mostly I’m planning in doing the same things better. I’ve also been playiing around with an idea I got from talking to you when you were releasing your last ebook. But I’m not really sure I want to go through with it.

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