Best iPhone & iPod Touch Apps For Twenty-Somethings

What are the best iPhone apps for 20-somethings? I’m not one to chase after the latest iPhone apps. However, I do believe in using apps to your advantage whenever you can. Being a personal finance blogger I wanted to find out what the newest iPhone apps were to help me manage my money and deal with time management.

The reason that I kept this list short and sweet is because there are so many new iPhone applications coming out on the market that I could list the top 500 applications.

Just to keep it simple, here are my 4 favorite iPhone applications:

What’s one of the best iPhone apps for managing your money?

My Budget Money Management.

This Apple application is a must-have for anybody that remotely cares about personal finance and wants a cool iPhone app on their phone. If you’ve ever wondered where you spend your paychecks then this iPhone app will definitely show you where your money goes.

The key to this application is that you must be 100% honest. There’s no purchase too small to input into this app. Another reason I love this app is because you can set up categories and monthly recurring expenses. This way you can literally track where every penny goes. The only thing that sucks is that August-September is the worst time for college students to be keeping track of money because we have to hand so much over to school. The good news is that you can use your student credit card along with this app to see where your money goes.

You won’t know how the stock market works just yet, but you’ll know where your money goes and how you can invest more of your money.

Perfect iPhone app for splitting the bar tab.

Check Please Tip Calculator.

This iPhone application is perfect to use when you go out to dinner or to a bar with a bunch of buddies. We all have that one friend that tries to avoid tipping or tries to pay less for the bill than they owe. The tip calculator is the best iPhone app for those awkward moments when you try to calculate how much everyone in the group owes towards the bill/tip while the server waits to collect the money.

What’s the quickest growing iPhone app?


With this cool iPhone app you can write or record whatever comes to your mind. The ideal iPhone app for keeping track of a to-do list, important tasks or just jotting down random ideas. Evernote is quickly becoming one of the most popular iPhone 4 applications and I can’t say that I’m surprised because of the great features and user experience.

I love this application because it allows me to jot down a great idea when I have one, no matter where I am at the time. It’s also great for reminding me of things that need to get done. Now when your girlfriend gives you trouble for forgetting to bring something you have no excuse.

What’s the best iPhone app for fitness lovers?


The best iPhone or iPod Touch application when it comes to trying to keep track of those calories you want to burn after eating fast food or drinking beers all weekend. The main reason I wanted to mention this app because I know there are fitness freaks that read Studenomics and because personal finance meets personal fitness.

This iPhone app keeps track of the distance you travel whether you walk, jog or run. Next time your parents call you lazy all you have to do is show them the results on the Pedometer app.

I didn’t include any links for the iPhone applications because I didn’t want to make it seem like I was trying to sell anything. Keep in mind that these are only my favorite Apple iPhone apps and I didn’t discuss any apps I haven’t tried yet. Please feel free to recommend your favorite iPhone and iPod Touch apps in the comments section!

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