College Requirements That You Need To Make Your Application Stick Out

You can find the best resume format in the world, but this still won’t guarantee you your dream job of any job for that matter. The good news is that our goal today is to help you make a resume that actually sticks out and gets you the job interview.

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten (B.F Skinner). Imagine applying to college with a 95% average and not getting accepted. How could this happen? Some colleges place a high emphasis on other aspects of your college application. Applying to college can be one of the most exciting and stressful times in a young person’s life. The same goes for applying for your first job once you figure out what to do after college.

This is why I put together a list of requirements for your new resume format that you need to ensure that your application or resume sticks out.

You can’t make a resume without academics.

Grades matter and are taken very seriously. The college that you apply to will shred your application right away if you don’t have the minimum required grades that all of the other applicants possess. The same logic applies to your dream job. If you can’t prove that you take your field of work seriously, why should anyone let you in the front door?

If you’re academics aren’t the greatest, you can still make a resume that sticks out.

Volunteer hours look good on any resume builder template.

The bad news is that sometimes a 95% average will not make the cut due to the intense competition. The good news is that most of these applicants will likely have no other qualifications.

Surprisingly, colleges and employers take volunteer hours very seriously because it shows that you help out in your community and that you would be a perfect addition to the community the college or employer is located in. It’s no secret that the thought of doing something for free isn’t exactly appealing to most young people. However, once you find a volunteer position that is fulfilling and allows you to help others then your stance on working for free may change.

What do you need to put on that resume builder format so that it sticks out aside from volunteer hours and academics?

Work experience is key if you want to make a resume worth reading.

College recruitment officers and employers greatly value applicants that have some “hands on” experience in the field. You can study long hours during the week to get a high grade in marketing but that doesn’t mean anything until you prove that you have the ability to apply this knowledge.

Whether you’re a high school student, mature student, or a degree holder trying to get into graduate school, it’s crucial that you show the recruitment office you’re very serious about the field.

Extra curricular activities need to be on your resume also.

Playing a competitive sport or being apart of a chess team goes further than you think. Extra curricular activities show that you have the ability to balance a variety of things in your life. Sure you could study all day and night to boost your grades in high school. However, what will happen when in college you realize that you will need to work? A resume that’s worth reading is going to mention some hobbies and additional activities. You could also mention if found an interesting online job for college students while you were studying.

What do you do for fun that can make a resume stick out?

At the end of the day, you can make a resume that sticks out and grabs the attention of colleges and employers. It’s just a matter of putting the right information into your new resume builder template.

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  1. I am an admissions co-ordinator at a Midlands University and we simply HAVE to process some applications before January because of the sheer volume of applications we receive.

    This DOES NOT mean that we favour applicants who apply early. Anyone who applies for a full-time undergraduate course prior to January 15th WILL BE CONSIDERED fairly. Same for all other non-oxbridge institutions. Fact.

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