How You Can Go From Being a Dreamer to a Doer in Less Than 15 Minutes

You know what the world needs less of? Delusional dreamers that are never going to do anything.

You know what else the world needs less of? Supposed “experts” giving generic advice about following your passions and being passionate about passion. Shut up!

Stop dreaming!

I’m going to piss some people off today. I’m also going to change a few lives forever. Please don’t read on if you’re not ready to take action. If you want to keep on dreaming, then go read another blog.

“I just don’t know what to do.”

I heard this over and over this past weekend at the World Domination Summit in Portland. I was pretty surprised to be honest. I expected more folks to be in the process of doing something.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast reconnecting with old friends and meeting all sorts of new characters. I was just confused about the lack of action from some. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with being lost. I’m here to help you.

The goal of Studenomics is pretty bold — financial freedom by 30 without missing out on life in your 20s. This means that we’re going to pay off our debt, save up some money, go on a few trips, drink vodka, and make some wise investments.

That statement can come off as a scam. I totally get that and it’s cool if you don’t agree with this goal.

Here’s the thing though…

I’m not going to let you become an information junkie.

After reading this article, you’re going to go from dreamer to doer with whatever goal you’re serious about. You obviously can’t accomplish 20 things at once. You can however stop dreaming and start doing in at least one area of your life.

I wrapped up the Dream Catchers Series a few weeks ago. I recommend you check those articles out if you’re a dreamer.

How do you go from dreamer to doer?

This is the exact process.

Figure out the goal that you want to pursue. Cut out every single excuse to pursue it and go at it relentlessly. Find someone that has accomplished something similar. Ask them for help. Do whatever they tell you to do. Don’t give up until you accomplish this goal. Enjoy the results.

That’s how you go from dreaming to doing. I’m going to break the steps down so that you can start taking action right now.

[Take a moment to read the cure for boredom if you happen to be feeling lazy at the moment.]

How do you prepare to conquer your goal?

This is the toughest part because you have to actually put some work in. The fun dreaming ends and the work kicks in. This is where you might be up late at night, stressing about what to do next.

Step #1: You have to absolutely figure out what you want to tackle.

What goal do you want to conquer? What do you want to do?

Some common examples are:

  • Learn a new language.
  • Get in shape.
  • Start a business.
  • Quit your job.
  • Get better at meeting girls.
  • Become a better pro wrestler (maybe that’s just me).

What’s your goal? Write it down! Only one goal. Don’t make a useless list with 8 things that you’re never ever going to even try.

Also, please don’t make general goals like, “save the world,” or “become a better person.” It has to be specific.

Step #2: Figure out who can help you.

Who do you know that can help you? Think of your friends or those in your social circle.

Don’t know anyone? No problem. Do whatever it takes to meet the right person. You can attend a conference, shoot out an email, ask for a friend for an introduction, or just cold approach.

Can’t find anyone at all? Worst case scenario is you study someone from afar. Read their blog, check out their Twitter, and read their biography if they have one. Then mimic the steps they outline.

Who do you know that has done what you want to do?

Don’t even try to waste my time by telling me that you can’t think of anyone. That’s not true at all.

Step #3: Ask/beg/please for help.

Throw your pride out the window and ask for some damn help.

I’ve asked for help in the following areas in the last year:

  • Real estate. My buddy helped me with renovations on my rental property. I bribed him with vodka and good stories.
  • Pro wrestling. I asked a friend for help and extra training. We get in the ring sometimes and train together.
  • BJJ. When I attend BJJ class, I train with the best because I want to get to their level. Everyone was a beginner at some point, so most training partners are more than willing to help out and beat me up.
  • Weight training. I’ve reached out to friends to critique my eating/training. They helped out because they want to see me get in shape so that they can use me as a case study.
  • Business. This I do every single day. I ask my peers for feedback and direction. I’m in a mastermind group where we meet up to bounce ideas off each other.
  • Life. Here I have many older friends that I turn to when I’m stuck on something. Sadly, this happens a bit too often.

Stop wasting time and ask for help! If you’re a bit intimidated, don’t be. Most successful people are pretty excited about selectively helping others. They might be too busy to give you their full attention or they might just not have time at the moment. That’s okay. There has to be someone out there that can help you.

Step #4: Accept the help and start doing!

What advice did you get? What did they tell you to do? What did you learn from studying them?

Write it all down. Jot everything down. Make sure that you have a clear path. Ensure that you’re actually going to see this goal through. Don’t just carelessly move on to the next task, until you complete the project at hand.

Now you’re ready to get going. That wasn’t so bad, right?

Wait a minute Martin — why would anyone want to help me for FREE?

Again, that’s just how successful people roll. They may not be able to help everyone, but they can definitely help someone out. You might be that someone. You might not be. Ask around until you find help. Ask lots of questions. Be relentless. Be annoying.

How do you get started with the doing?

You just have to move forward. Seriously. Any small step in the right direction beats reading another damn blog post.

At this point you should probably make a public announcement. You need to do something to ensure that you’re held accountable to actually seeing this goal through. You don’t want to end up just reading more blogs.

When I started pro wrestling class, I shared it on my Facebook. All of my friends saw this on my wall. I had no choice but to continue, unless I wanted to publicly look like a failure or a quitter.

Follow up or die.

You have to follow up. You can’t keep on letting those plans disappear while you create new excuses for yourself. You have to put the work in on a daily basis.

For example, if you want to start a blog, you have to at least be willing to write a little bit every single day. If you want to get in shape, you have to do something each day (cut out crappy food, do a few extra pushups, or cook a meal).

I’ve helped many readers out. I love hearing from them. I love to help them destroy their self-doubt. I love seeing results. It makes me feel good.

On the flip side, it absolutely pisses me off when someone asks for help and then does nothing. You can kiss my ass for wasting my time. So please don’t ask for help if you’re not ready to do something.

If you want to keep on reading blogs, attending conferences, and listening to podcasts, while you do nothing, then enjoy.

What’s next?

Start taking small steps in the right direction. I’ve outlined the whole process for you. I had to figure this stuff out the hard way. I’ve made a fool out of myself and I’m sharing the steps with you for FREE.

Wait up — there’s a small catch…

You MUST be ready to teach and become a mentor after mastering your goal. This is the only way that the cycle will continue.

You also can’t be afraid of investing in yourself. You might have to spend some money on coffee meetings, vodka shots, conferences, courses, or even coaching. If you’re serious about your goal, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Your mission is simple if you choose to accept it.

The world needs you to stop dreaming and start doing. Take 15 minutes today to start the process. I won’t finish off with a motivational quote because I’m sure you’ve read enough of those.

3 thoughts on “How You Can Go From Being a Dreamer to a Doer in Less Than 15 Minutes”

  1. I love this post. It’s Tim Ferriss’s Four-Hour Work Week all in one blog post. If a person wants something bad enough – it will happen.

    Here’s a job for you per your above request..

    Knock, knock
    “Who’s there?”

    For over a year, I’ve been meaning to get my CDL. Your post inspired me to set a date for the tests. Written will be July 16th and the skills portion will be August 4th.

    1. I love your enthusiasm Will! Keep us posted on the test.

      You’re so right. If you want something, it will happen. If you’re not serious, you’ll make excuses.

  2. Martin,

    I am very glad I came across your blog. I was suffering from information overload and it was paralyzing my progress. I have thought many of same things you have posted in my own tough love style. Keep up the good work with “real talk.”

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