Affordable Hobbies Worth Checking Out in Your 20s

Are you bored in the evenings? Do you wish that you had more to do to fill up your time? Are you stuck on how to find a hobby?

I met up with a good friend the other day for some laughs. We were joking around as usual. Then my friend surprised me. He told me that he’s bored. He doesn’t have much to do in the evenings. I didn’t know what to say because I’ve been doing my best lately to keep busy. I wasn’t sure how to answer this question. So I decided to think about how I spend my time and what sorts of hobbies I’ve tried out over the years.

What are affordable hobbies that will prevent you from losing your mind in your 20s?

Start a side business.

I’ve put out some of my best content on how to start an online business because I truly believe in the idea. Starting a side business is excellent for:

  • Making more money.
  • Learning a new skill.
  • Meeting new and interesting characters.
  • Staying focused.

If it wasn’t for my side business in college I’m sure that I would’ve got myself into some trouble. I can get pretty wild. I’ll stop at that for now. I’ll just say that Studenomics forced me to stay focus because I didn’t want to let you guys down.

Join a gym.

Nothing beats working out when it comes to building your confidence and meeting new friends. I’ve met tons of new friends by joining my current gym. The classes and learned together create a sense of camaraderie that you just couldn’t find anywhere else.

You can easily train on a budget and get in shape without going broke. You don’t have to join an MMA-style gym, especially if you’re not into that sort of scene. You can find a membership through your work or school. I used to hit up my school gym and it was a fun way to kill time in between classes.

I guarantee you that joining a new gym with classes will help you fill up your evenings. You’ll never be bored again. You’ll wish that there was more than 24 hours in a day!

On a similar note…

Enter any sort of competition.

Competition is a great way to interact with others and increase your self-worth. I love to enter competitions. It can be a push up challenge after a few drinks (I recently won with 43, my friend had to do two shots of vodka as a result) or a formal challenge setup at a local bar to see who the best billiards player is in the area. Friendly competition is good for you. Give it a try.

Learn a language.

I’m putting in daily practise (even 5 minutes if that’s all I have) into learning Spanish. My goal is to speak Spanish fluently. My timeline was very ambitious at first. But now I realized that after a few trips and daily practise, I should at least be conversational within a few months.

Learning a language is easier than ever before. The Internet isn’t just for Facebook and dating. There are many free sites out there that can help you learn the basics of a new language. This is a free hobby that will lead to a new language. You can even pick up the native tongue of your parents.

Follow a new tv series.

The beauty of the Internet is that we can watch anything that we want for free (legally and illegally). The problem with me is that I have an addictive personality. This is why I hate to find out about new shows. This happened to me with Dexter a few months ago. I was turned on to season 7 and I became hooked. I watched the whole season and then I went back to watch the previous seasons. In about one month, I went through the whole series. Not the greatest way to stay productive, but it’s an easy hobby.

What shows are you following these days? Anything I should check out? Actually, please don’t turn me on to any new shows.

Get wasted — on a budget.

What’s more fun than going out for drinks? While this isn’t a sustainable hobby for your long-term health, you can take one day a week where you try to have some fun on a budget. There are many ways you can your creativity to go out without going broke.

I wrote about the minimalist lifestyle recently because it’s all about more experiences and less crap. You can easily pick up a new hobby by going after new experiences. I don’t want you to be afraid of trying new things. Life’s too short to be boring. Life’s too short to just keep on going on with the same old routine. Why not turn your current routine upside down and get wild?

You still stuck on how to find a hobby? Hopefully one of these tips has appealed to you.

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