How You Can Embrace Minimalism Right Now to Set You Free

Don’t you wish that you could finally stop spending money on useless crap? Would you be much happier if you didn’t have so much clutter?

Minimalist lifestyle. It’s not just for those weird people who you see at the coffee shop talking about the new One Direction track. It’s for regular people like me and you. It’s for anyone that’s sick and tired of the following:

  • Too much crap in one room.
  • A ton of clothing in a closet, yet nothing fits or suits you.
  • Being broke.
  • Never having enough space.
  • Being in credit card debt.
  • Always craving more stuff.
I’m not the ideal minimalist, but I’ve become pretty good at it. I purge often and limit the amount of crap that I buy. I would rather save my money for more trips or things that really matter to me.

How can you finally give the minimalist lifestyle a try? How did I find out about it?

I simply hate a mess. I’m not a clean freak, but I just don’t like stuff. My room isn’t tidy. It just contains the basics.

The first step here is elimination.

You really don’t need all that crap. Stuff is clutter and it brings you down emotionally. It also takes up a ton of space. The more stuff that you bring home, the more space it takes up physically and emotionally.

We all have too much clothes and too much stuff that we don’t need.

I recommend a huge PURGE.

You have to toss everything. Nothing is safe. Everything goes. When in doubt, whip it out!

With my family we ordered a mini bin a few years ago. Everything was tossed. We loaded this thing up with crap from around the house. Then my friend who was kind enough to deliver us the bin, came to pick it up. Just like that all of our crap was gone and out the door.

I personally try to do my own huge purge at least once a year. The process for my purges is simple:

  1. I grab a bunch of garbage bags and put on my tunes.
  2. I throw out every article of clothing that I haven’t worn in months or that doesn’t fit me any longer.
  3. I then donate all of the clothes that I won’t wear if none of my younger brothers want to claim ownership.
  4. I toss out all useless documents and things that don’t matter to me.
  5. I don’t stop until I have a clutter-free environment in my room.
That’s how I embrace the minimalist lifestyle. I get rid of what I don’t need.

Stop buying so much crap.

Are you a bargain hunter? Do you always feel like you need to have something? That could be a problem. There are better ways to invest your money than to shop around for bargains on pointless items. You can just stop buying stuff. Even if it’s on sale.

The only time I care for bargain hunting is when I really want to buy something. I’ll look for deals until I find the right price. Normally, I don’t care much for buying new stuff.

If you want to buy new stuff, the general rule is that one-in and one-out rule. For everything new purchase you bring home, you have to throw something out. This will force you to minimize the amount of the stuff in your home.

Oh and the minimalist lifestyle isn’t all boring…

Remember that the minimalist lifestyle isn’t about being boring.

I don’t want you to be a boring bored or to be bored out of your mind all of the time.

How can you have fun while trying to live the minimalist lifestyle?

There isn’t going to be a list of things to do here because that would be a joke. Keep on doing what you normally do. Just don’t load up on useless crap! The minimalist lifestyle is just about saving more of your money, reducing the amount of crap you buy, and relying on less to be happy. I suggest that you use your new savings from not buying crap to take a trip. You’ll see that this experience is much more beneficial than anything you could’ve ever purchased.

Are you ready to try out the minimalist lifestyle?

5 thoughts on “How You Can Embrace Minimalism Right Now to Set You Free”

  1. I have a card in my wallet that has questions on it that you should ask before you buy something – Where will this be stored?, Who owns this already and might let me borrow it?, When will I have time to use it?/etc.

    Answering these questions and having to use my own money to purchase things have really helped me stop buying stupid stuff that I just don’t need. It’s such a great feeling. Thanks for the additional ideas!

    1. Thanks for your first visit Eva. Those are good questions to ask yourself. Do you ever ignore the questions or lie to yourself?

  2. Lie? Me? NEVER! Ahem.
    Being a teenager, I really don’t have that much money. When I was younger I did buy stupid stuff, but I rarely do that now. I am really trying to be frugal and save for my future.

  3. We’ve been getting rid of stuff and selling it on eBay. It’s insurance for not getting too overloaded with junk and we’re making a bit of money, too.

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