How-to Have a Social Life and Never Get Bored Again

“I have nothing to do. I don’t know what I would do without this job.”

I’m shocked by how many of my friends would be bored out of their minds without their jobs. There’s so much going on in the world right now. It’s a shame to ever be bored. I don’t want you to be bored. I want you to read this article and then get excited.

You don’t want to be the friend who’s always on Facebook ranting and raving. You want to be the person having fun. You want to be the person that’s too busy to post a status update about every little thing that happens. You want to be out there enjoying yourself.

I wrote about the cure for boredom a few years back. That’s like the part one to this. I wanted to write a piece of for those of you who are into personal finance and don’t want to feel isolated from the world.

How can you avoid boredom for the rest of your life?

Set extremely bold goals.

I have some pretty damn bold goals. I don’t even want to type them out here. I get upset when someone suggests that I skip a grappling class or that I don’t write. I don’t negotiate. I have to write every single day. I have to work on my goals daily.

I want you to set some audacious goals. Set goals so bold that you have to change everything about you just to go after them.

Don’t get me wrong here because I don’t want to be that motivational speaker. I don’t want you to “embrace the grind” or any of that crap. I want you to set extremely bold goals and then fill your time by working towards them instead of reading conspiracy theories about how bad it is right now.

Start a blog.

I swear by starting a blog because this will give you a platform to share your ideas with the world.

Instead of ranting on social media or giving unsolicited advice to your friends at dinner, you can start a blog to spread your ideas. The best part about blogging is that you can now provide content via text, audio, or video. You can also create content on every topic possible. Have you seen some of the random blog topics these days?

Get off social media.

I still struggle with this to this day. I go on Twitter and I go scroll. Then I go on Instagram to scroll some more. Then I find myself scrolling through Facebook. The scrolling never ends. This is boring. All that happens is that you feel like you’re missing out because it looks like everyone else is having a blast while you scroll.

You might have to do something extreme like deactivate an account or delete social media off your phone. It’s not healthy to be glued to your phone 24/7. It’s okay to disconnect.

Meet interesting friends.

You can’t hang out with the same people forever and expect anything to change. Nothing will ever change. You guys will keep on talking about the same stuff. You’re going to keep on hanging out at the same bars. This cycle will repeat itself forever.

You need to avoid boredom. Being bored will cost you tons of money. Why?

  • You end up shopping since you have nothing else to do.
  • You lose out on income earning opportunities.
  • You have no creative energy.
  • You don’t try new things.

Get out there and live a little. I’ve been doing random things from archery tag to salsa lessons just to see what other communities exist out there. The world’s a big place if you open your eyes.

What if you want to have a social life?

We all know that personal finance boils down to the following:

  1. Save your money.
  2. Pay off debt.
  3. Make more money.
  4. Invest your money.

What about the other side of personal finance and life?

“Save your money by staying in.”


I’ll never tell you to stay in for the rest of your life. I want you to have a booming social life.


How can you have a social life?

Throw parties.

Become the person that throws epic parties. Don’t wait for something to happen. Make things happen. I’ve thrown some pretty epic parties the last few years. I plan on throwing more events in the future. My goal is throw events.

Everyone remembers the person that brought them together. Be that person. Be the person that everyone looks forward to seeing.

Combine business with pleasure.

“You want to do hustle meetups?”

I met Sahil at the gym on the mats one evening. We ended up hitting it off and starting a podcast. We meet up to hustle. We meet up to work on our podcast. It’s always a fun time. You don’t need to get wasted to have a social life. Something like working on a podcast forces you to become more social.

I highly recommend mixing business with pleasure. You don’t have to separate. The lines are blurred these days. You don’t have to turn your mind off.

I’ve had friends from blogging come over for parties. I’ve seen business events turn into crazy parties.

Join a gym.

Are you in any groups? Join a gym right now.

Stop reading useless advice about how you can save money by working out from home.

Do you know anyone that actually does this? Be real. Join a gym and become part of a new social circle.

If you join a fighting-style gym or any gym that’s not your mainstream place, you’re going to meet some interesting people. I’ve met most of my closest friends at the gym. Trying to choke someone out in BJJ class or trying to set a deadlifting personal record will definitely bring you together.

Find time-consuming hobbies.

I’m shocked by how many people can follow a television show but they can’t stick to something productive. I highly suggest finding time-consuming hobbies that are going to force you to be more active.

I spend most of weekends either going to wrestling shows or trying random activities with friends.

Always try something new.

If you keep on going to the same bar with the same friends, nothing will ever change in your life. I know you may think that it;s fun but there’s so much more to do in this world (like travel or grow a business).

Here’s the ultimate list of random fun activities to try:

  • Trampoline park.
  • Bowling.
  • Salsa lessons.
  • Cooking class.
  • Paint night.
  • Obstacle course.
  • Axe throwing.
  • Comedy club.

You’re also going to dramatically improve your love life by doing cool things and becoming more interesting. Also, remember that you can always find a coupon for everything or try to go for the group discount.

Watch this episode of Studenomics TV on the same topic…

You can still have a social life while you save money and try to get ahead. Personal finance isn’t about giving up on the fun.

2 thoughts on “How-to Have a Social Life and Never Get Bored Again”

  1. sagar nandwani

    I think you should be noticeable to people, so first start with your wardrobe: wear new things in which you are comfortable, don’t wear the same thing everyday. Try new trends, new looks, new hairdo. Second, get involved in sports, music, art or the things you love to do. Show the people your talent so that if they have similarities or they like that particular thing that you do, they themselves will come to you and talk to you. Next, don’t be timid, be yourself. Don’t show a fake side of yours, let people love you the way you are. Next, be cool, don’t take small things too seriously. Finally, always be positive, if you are positive all the time then even the negative people will like your attitude.

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