How-to Save $5k This Year If You Start Today [Screw-You Savings System]

Are you sick and tired of always being broke? Do you want to have $25k in savings, pay off debt, and finally get to travel? Are you frustrated with feeling like a little bitch for never being in control of anything?

How to save more money

I want to be in control. I want to be in control of my money, time, and happiness. I refuse to be miserable. I refuse to not chase my dreams and do cool things with my life.

How do you set up your savings so that you can save $25k by 25 , be financially free by 30, or just save $5k this year?

I’m going to share with you the system that I use.

But first, a story…


“You write about finance? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be saving money?”

Some form of this conversation happens whenever I go out or am on a trip. Some drunk chick or obnoxious dude will just assume that caring about personal finance implies that you should always be saving money. That’s not what I’m about at all! I’m all about a good time. I’m all about fun. I’m not afraid to own the room or be the life of the party. Hey, I even pro wrestling in tights and have little kids yelling at me. I never have a dull moment.

I just want to ensure that I don’t have to stress in the future about a credit card bill that I can’t afford.

I want you to set yourself up to save huge money.

I personally guarantee you that I can help you hit any realistic financial goal this year while never missing a party!

I call this the SYSS (Screw-You Savings System — more on this later).

How-to beef up your bank account:

  1. Pay yourself first after you set aside money for obvious bills (food, shelter, your eHarmony account).
  2. Keep on investing in yourself to increase your income.
  3. Pay yourself first even more now that your income has increased.

Simple enough, right? You cover your expenses, pay yourself first with automatic deductions, invest a little money into yourself, and have some fun. When your income increases, you’ll be able to put more money away and invest more money. I love it!

The bottom line is that you have to take what you want in this world. Nothing is going to come to you.

Since I don’t want to become a repetitive writer, you can check out my post for the best way to invest money right now. Here’s a hint: an investment can be anything from a trip where you refresh your creative juices to a coffee with a successful person.

What’s next? How do you make SYSS work for you?

You enjoy the savings and the perks that come along with this system.

  • You don’t feel guilty when you spend money since you planned for it.
  • You take risks and grab opportunities as they arise.
  • You become a better person over time (we all grow up eventually).
  • You don’t think about money because you have automatic deductions that come from your bank/employer. They do the work for you. You do NOTHING!

This is the only process that has worked for me and for my friends/readers. We need to enjoy life in our 20s (get drunk, go out, and travel). We despise anyone that tells us otherwise.

[For more theory, you need to check out our piece on hitting financial freedom by 30!]

Let’s take a moment to express what this strategy is NOT about:

  • Stressing about money every single day.
  • Missing out on life.
  • Counting your pennies.
  • Always staying at home so that you don’t spend money.
  • Feeling guilty about spending money.
  • Spending hours on a daily basis tracking your finances.

Who has this system helped?

Me, anyone that reads this site, and many readers just like you that were skeptical at first. I’ve used many testimonials on sales pages in the past, so I won’t repeat them. I will share a recent compliment I received from a friend from my wrestling class who happened to me surprised that I could string together a few competent sentences and turn them into articles.

My friend John:

Studenomics helped me by helping me realize how little changes to my spending habits make a huge difference in my savings. I have applied the “pay yourself first method” and I now have my finances under control. It feels good to see money in my bank account before pay day.

I love it. There’s absolutely no need to stress about money. And yes, I’m all about simple!

What’s next? I need you to do something to kickstart the SYSS…

Put $100 away and then invest $50 right now!

For any of this to work you have to invest money in yourself right now. It doesn’t matter if you want to grow a blog, get a new job, or just move up the ranks, you have to work towards it. You also have to put some money away for a rainy day or whatever you want to call it.

I’m going to be presenting premium material in the future. I want you to see real results.

For now, one last final question:

Will I regret not doing this in the future?

“If the game is designed for you to lose, don’t play that game. Play a different one.” — Seth Godin

Apply SYSS right now. Follow the Screw-You Savings System to see the money pile up in your bank account. Never ever forget to put money aside for some beers. Life’s too short to not make mistakes on the weekends or to stress about your money constantly.

6 thoughts on “How-to Save $5k This Year If You Start Today [Screw-You Savings System]”

  1. Fun system! We used to make a game of savings. We’d save x amount by a target date and then reward ourselves with a percentage of it for fun. Now we just max out our Roth IRA’s and put 10% towards other investments plus whatever extra we can bring in with our side hustles. 🙂

  2. I have to whole heartedly agree that life is too short to stress about money. I try to pay myself first (after of course, paying for my eHarmony account 😉 ) always. Sometimes I’d rather have some instant gratification of spending the money on something I’m eyeing, but it feels so good to save.

    1. Thanks for the comment Daisy. It does feel good to save. The other day I had a huge internal struggle at the airport. They had an Apple store kiosk thingy. I wanted to buy an iPad for my trip. I tried to justify it any and every way possible. I just couldn’t buy it at the end of the day.

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