Four Ways Your Spare Time Can Lead to Thousands of Dollars

Are you looking for easy ways to save money? What about the best way to save money in your spare time?

I know that it feels like you’re always busy and that things can get pretty overwhelming at times. When you finally do get a chance to relax it’s tempting to just zone out in front of the tv for hours while you watch reruns of Teen Mom or some other whacky MTV show. You can use all of your down time to just chill. You can also take a bit of this time and use it to save thousands of dollars. Yes, your spare time can actually do great things for you.

What are the four tips for saving money with your spare time?

Get your financial situation straightened out.

Instead of lounging around you can finally sit down to figure out what you can do about your debt or research ways you can save $50 in the next week. I remember sometimes during long bus rides to school I would play around with my calculator and crunch numbers to see how long it would take me to save up for my goals. You can also use this down time to get all of your monthly bills together and automate them. This will save you lots of time in the future. You might even save some money because you won’t pay your bills late ever again.

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Start an online savings account.

Most of us just don’t know where to save our money. If you want to prevent any stress or hassle, I highly recommended that you start a simple savings account online for now. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, you can create sub-accounts, you can setup a direct transfer from your paycheck, and you don’t have to worry about the fluctuations that come with the stock market. You don’t have to permanently store your money in a savings account, it’s just a fast way to save money right now

Start a side business.

Your spare time can be used to start a side business where you can have fun with a hobby and perhaps earn some extra money. The day I started this very site I remember sitting at home, nobody wanted to go out that day, and I didn’t have any homework. It then hit me that my excuse of being too busy to write wouldn’t hold up all of the time. I started writing here and have always made it a point to write. The beauty about starting a side business is that you can attempt to make some money on the side while you still go on with your everyday life. You don’t have to quit your job or take any huge risks.

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Get a part-time job.

There’s no shame in getting a part-time job to earn some extra money. You might have to swallow your pride and work a job that you perceive to be beneath you. So what? This extra money could be put towards your debt payments or it can increase your savings. I highly recommend that everyone should consider finding part-time work.

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Are you ready to start saving money fast?

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