The Only Holiday Post You Need to Read

“Some people become power brokers through sheer intimidation and force of will; others, generally with far better results, learn to become indispensable to the people around them.” – Keith Ferrazzi

I was chatting with a buddy the other day and we got into exchanging weekend plans. He told me that he was staying in because he wanted to focus on his career. I instantly thought about how insanely stupid that was. The logic here didn’t make sense. There’s no benefit to being a hermit your whole life. I stay in when there’s work to finish, but you can’t always be in seclusion.

The Only Holiday Post You Need

Do we really not know that successful people in our field are out there at social events and not sitting at home?

What can you possibly accomplish by staying at home by yourself all of the time? You need to seek the advice of successful peers. You have to be willing to be willing to do whatever it takes to find the best possible training and coaching on this planet. You might even have to go to the end of the Earth to find this help. That’s okay.

The only holiday season advice that you need is real simple: THROW A PARTY.

“You can be more successful in two months by becoming really interested in other people’s success than you can in two years trying to get other people interested in your own success” – Dale Carnegie

Have you ever read the book Never Eat Alone? If not you need to pick up a copy right now. It’s by far the best book on the market when it comes to networking, connecting with people, and moving up in the world.

If you apply the advice, you’ll meet so many new people and leave a lasting impression on a life long network of really cool people. Your network is your net worth. I believe in this fully.

This is why I want you to throw a holiday party.

It doesn’t matter if you want to start a side business to make more money, enter a new field, or move up at your current job. You have to be more social and throw parties once in a while..

You can sell your copy of Starcraft. Cancel your subscription to that dating site for the month. Do whatever you can to throw a holiday party. Invite lots of cool people. Invite people you want to get to know better. Pick up some booze. Have food ready for everyone. Let people have a great time.

“Most dinner parties don’t call for anything fancy. Follow the Kiss principle (Keep it Simple, Stupid). Good food. Good people. Lots of wine. Good conversation.” — Never Eat Alone

A holiday party is the best time to connect with old friends, build new connections, and have a great time. Put some money aside and throw a party that nobody will forget. Don’t worry about Christmas gifts or any of that crap. Give the gift of a fun (and a possibly wild) night.

I usually throw my holiday party on the 26th because that’s my birthday. I get a bunch of booze, find a venue, and invite my friends. Nobody ever has a bad time with pizza and karaoke in the mix.

Just please remember to make sure that nobody drinks and drives.

Are you ready to plan a party?

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