How-to Protect Yourself So That You’re Not Screwed When You Get Fired

There’s nothing worse than getting fired from a job. I got fired a few times when I was in high school. Usually from minimum wage jobs that I didn’t care about. I would then go on to the next minimum wage gig where my buddies worked until a new opportunity came along. I’ve always had a job ever since I can remember. I started delivering newspapers in the third grade and I never stopped working since.

But yes, getting fired sucks. What’s the absolute worst reason for losing a job in the history of the world?

Brad Ferro.

Do you know who that is? This name likely doesn’t ring a bell. The other day I was procrastinating for absolutely no reason. I guess there never really is a reason for slacking off. I decided to Google Snooki getting punched. Not sure why I wanted to see this one punch knockout. I saw the knockout and then I thought it would be fascinating to see what happened to the dude that punched Snooki right in the kisser.

It turns out that Brad Ferro was his name and he was a physical education teacher in some high school. Was is the keyword here. Ferro got fired from his job when the clip aired and he had trouble finding work after moment. The last update that I found is that he ended up enlisting in service after many years of being unable to find ANY work. All an employer or a potential romantic partner would have to do is Google is name to see all the horrible press that he garnered for himself.

What’s the point of all of this talk about getting fired?

Everything you do in your 20s matters. Your student credit card can help you build credit just like it can put you into debt. As tempting as it is to be all about fun in your youth, it’s important to step back once in a while to look at your progress to see where you are. It’s really easy to mess up. One day turns to two and suddenly months have flown by. The next thing you know is that you’re in your late-20s, unhappy with your progress and confused as to why.

Getting fired also don’t look good on your resume. Society loves to romanticize stories about getting fired and dropping out of college. The reality is that life isn’t a giant party if you drop out of school or get fired. It sucks. You can easily become depressed or struggle to get back on your feet. It may not be the end of the world to lose a job, but it certainly isn’t a pleasant experience. I just don’t want to see this happen to you. You trust me with your time and energy by reading Studenomics.

What can you do to protect yourself in case you lose your job?

How do you prevent a hangover? Don’t get so drunk the night before! Just like with drinking, the key is to be proactive by implementing a backup plan when things are running smoothly.

Nobody wants to get fired. It’s just like getting dumped or being hungover. You don’t want to be totally screwed. It’s important to have a few things in place.

What do you need to protect yourself in case you do get let go?

  1. Savings. I totally believe in doing everything possibly to pay off debt. When you’re debt free, you don’t have to stress about surviving or putting food on the table. If you don’t have any money saved then you’re to really have a rough time without any income coming.
  2. A side income. I actively promote the idea of building a side income because this is what will protect you if ever get fired. The best case scenario is that you at least have some money coming in. The ideal scenario is that your side income can turn into a full-time income.

Nothing will ever make getting fired easy. It just helps to know that you’re not totally screwed. Oh and I almost forgot to mention. A strong personality with the ability to persevere can also get you pretty far!

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