The Truth About Working Hard vs Relaxing in Your 20s

“You can always find a new girlfriend, but you won’t always find new opportunities.”

I gave a buddy hell for turning down overtime to hang out with his girlfriend. He could’ve made some good money, impressed his boss, and helped out his team.

saving money in your 20s

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about courting, gallivanting, and spending time with cool people. There’s just a time and a place for everything. I only gave this friend grief because he’s trying to build himself up. He’s at the stage where he wants to beef up his savings account and invest in himself. He’s ready to put the work in so that he can enjoy life and make some moves in a few years that his friends could only dream of.

Another buddy then asked me about working hard vs taking it easy in your 20s. He wanted to know what I thought about the balance between working too hard to achieve goals compared to taking it easy.

My thinking here is simple: You have to work hard so that you can do whatever you want. If you want to relax, then you have to earn that. 

I believe in the following quote 100%…

“Lacking an external focus, the mind turns inward on itself and creates problems to solve, even if the problems are undefined or unimportant. If you find a focus, an ambitious goal that seems impossible and forces you to grow, these doubts disappear.” — Tim Ferriss

The best thing that you can do is take action and set a goal right now!

Without bold goals and dreams, you’re just wasting time because you don’t have a purpose or a reason to do anything.

Working long hours to invest in a rental property, business, to pay off debt, or to earn your freedom is mandatory.

Working long hours because you’re bored or because you can’t get a hold of your spending is a waste of precious time.

You can’t be afraid of work, but you also need to know why you’re working so hard.

You can’t hide behind work because you’re afraid of launching or trying something new.

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Should you work hard or relax in your 20s?

There isn’t just one answer here. You don’t have to worry about choosing between working hard and relaxing. You can find something that you look forward to doing.

What’s the truth about working hard vs taking it easy?

I can’t articulate my point too well, but the following quote sums up my beliefs perfectly…

“Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labor by taking up another.” — Anatole France

What this means is that you have to work until you get to the point where you don’t want to relax 24/7. If you want to take it easy, it’s only because you don’t have any goals right now.

What this means is that working hard and taking it easy become the same thing.

For example,

I try to attend a weight sessions or a BJJ class at my gym as often as possible. I don’t see this as work. It’s relaxing for me to go in and train.

I attended two trips this year for business (World Domination Summit in Portland and FinCon in New Orleans) and I didn’t view any of these trips as “work.” I had a blast while learning because this is what I want to do.

You’ll eventually get to the point where your relaxing seems likes work to someone else.

What if I’m clueless Martin?

Luckily, we’re all clueless. Some of us are just less clueless. I have two articles that you need to read right now.

The Uncertainty Technique — This is the system that I follow religiously. The safe road is always the boring road. You can’t go after the sure shot. That’s no way to live life. Do something uncertain and see how it makes you feel.

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Nobody wants to tell you this but I will. You can always find a new girlfriend, a new job, new friends, and new shows to watch. You sometimes might only get one shot at your dreams. If you have a goal, go after it ruthlessly. Don’t let anybody get in your way. If you want to get out of debt, then work like an animal, sell all of your crap, and ditch everyone until you’re debt-free. If you want to start a business, then find a client. Stop waiting for something to happen. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

Do you want to work hard or relax in your 20s? You tell me.

10 thoughts on “The Truth About Working Hard vs Relaxing in Your 20s”

  1. Always enjoying reading the truth in your articles here at Studenomics. Again, another solid article.

    This is true…”You can always find a new girlfriend, a new job, new friends, and new shows to watch on tv.”

    Sadly, most are afraid to take the risk and settle with which comes easy. Indeed, it is a road less travelled, but worth it.

      1. While i agree with some points here Like having a goal is beneficial, I do not believe you can ALWAYS get a girlfriend / good friends. I have not had a girl friend for 9 years and this is not at fault for not trying. Also good friends are extremely hard to come by your career comes and goes but when your 70 its those relationships which will mean buckets loads more than any jon you took….

  2. Deal For a Living (@DealForALiving)

    I am and always will be in the word hard camp, but have been surrounded by friends in the take it easy camp. Why do I have the feeling that in 20 years that the roles will be reversed as I enjoy retirement and those friends have to work hard to make up for missed time?

  3. I think working hard is the way to go.
    I have been working since I was 16, through university. Now at 21 I am working full time for a marketing company whilst finishing my degree (one day a week), from which I will graduate this coming June.
    I have a weekend job also.
    I think it depends on your mentality. I agree with what you said, ones work is another’s relaxation. I enjoy work- yes it gets stressful balancing it with my studies, but that is what keeps it exciting and fulfilling.
    I make a conscious effort to socialize in the evenings. I am in the process of setting myself up financially, as i’m looking to become a freelance photographer and graphic designer.
    Although I am not doing what I want to now, through the experiences and skills I am acquiring now, my dream gets more realistic by the day.

    You get what you give, chase your dreams

  4. I now work hard at a top company where I started at 30 (I am now 35 years old) and whilst I get awarded handsomely, I am so glad to have taken it easy in my 20s and not worried about a thing, focusing my life on relationships, friends, night outs, house parties, good music, all sort of pleasant life experiences. I feel so sorry for the young people at my company starting at the bottom of the ladder and already so stressed about working hard and making their way up. They will never get their youth again and are loosing big time on life in my opinion. You have only one life to live, and the day you die hopefully you won’t be thinking of the carrer you’ve had, otherwise the system just got you.

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