The Weirdest Book Review Ever

Are you struggling to figure out how to impress a girl? Are your finances holding you back from dating?

Many of the members of the Studenomics community have expressed interest in me doing more book reviews here. Today I wanted to review a book that helps us learn how to pick up girls, no matter your age or your financial situation. You don’t have to max out your student credit card to learn how to meet women either.

The Game — A good friend of mine suggested that I read and review the classic book on seduction/dating. My first reaction was simple. I told him that reading a book on dating is like telling the world that you’re a loser. Then he really opened my eyes by saying, “well reading a book on personal finance is like telling the world that you’re poor.” This instantly got me thinking. Could this be true? Is that how the personal finance community is viewed from an outsides point of view?

We finally came to a conclusion: I will read The Game only if he agrees that he will read the Four Hour Work Week. Done.

I’ve come to realize that personal development is important in all areas of life. Whether it be learning how to pick up models or trying to save more money from your paycheck. There’s no shame in learning how to save money or learning how to be more comfortable in social situations.

For now let’s check out the book…

Who should read this book?

The entrepreneurial type. Learning about how much money these self-proclaimed, “Pick Up Artists” earn from teaching dudes how to meet chicks is phenomenal. A weekend “training session” can cost up to $3,000. I’m not suggesting that you do this, but it’s important that we always keep our eyes open for opportunities around us. The entrepreneur within me was fascinated throughout the whole book by how much money is spent on dating, that doesn’t even involve dating (i.e. learning how to get a date). You could also start an online business helping guys learn how to impress women.

Self-help addicts. I’m addicted to trying to improve myself. I love to improve all aspects of my life. There’s no standard answer or simple solution to any issue in life. However, there’s nothing wrong with checking out all of the alternatives.

Complainers. If you’re not sure of the best places to meet women or if you just complain about your social life constantly, then check out The Game. This book will not solve all of your problems, but it’ll send you on the right path.

What can you expect from this book?

It’s more of a story than a self-help book. The author takes you through his journey into the world of Pick Up Artists and seduction. You won’t be a stud at the end of the book. Just like you won’t be a millionaire at the end of a personal finance book.

What’s the personal finance tie in? You’ll see how different people handle business. Some of the individuals turn their seduction skills into a huge business. Others are more interested in having enough money to pay the rent and buy expensive gadgets. It really opens your eyes to see how some people are profit-oriented and others really want to help solve problems. The theme of money management is definitely lightly presented within the book.

Okay, what’s the bad stuff about a book on how to pick up girls?

I don’t know about you guys, but I HATE systematic approaches to anything (from investing money to meeting women). I love to read personal finance books where I can filter out the information and choose what I want to apply. I don’t care for robotic and “one-size-fits-all” solutions. That’s not how the real world works.

I also tend to consider most promises out there to be a scam. For example, a PUA promising random readers that they’ll date beautiful women, is the personal finance equivalent of get rich quick scams.

Now with the pros and cons of the book being mentioned it’s your turn to see what you think. If you think  The Game would be of interest to you, don’t forget to pick up your own copy. If not, then don’t worry there will be many more book reviews to come.

Are you struggling to learn how to impress women? Please share some stories with us…

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