A Look At The Cost Of Popular & Fun Summer Activities

Despite being very busy with work and summer school I have still managed to squeeze in some fun summer activities into my schedule. As a college student it’s often a difficult decision to make in regards to taking summer courses. After going on my college website in early May I found an intensive course that would go on for 2 days a week for 5 weeks and I would end up with a full credit.

Since most of the readers of Studenomics have summer jobs I found it important to find fun summer activities that didn’t require a lot of time.

Mini golf

Price= $20 for 3 people

There’s a mini golf course about 5 minutes from my home and since I’m horrible at real golf I’m going to have to stick to mini golf for the time being. Mini golf can be really relaxing and used to get your mind off the fact that it’s almost back to school time.

You could save money by purchasing a summer mini golf package or by getting a little creative and setting up a little mini golfing green in your own backyard. It’s usually less than $10 a person so as a weekly summer activity it’s fairly cheap. Just don’t get mad if you lose to your younger brother like I always do.

Attending a movie theater

Price= $35 for 2 people

This one will probably receive lots of criticism because of the rise of Netflix and all of the various movie rental companies out there. The bottom line for me is if there’s a group of us looking for something to do and we really want to see a new release then we’re willing to pay the money to see it at the local cineplex. Sure you could watch new movies online but what’s the use of having a few people huddled by the laptop to watch a movie in bad quality?

It’s fairly simple for us, one person checks the movie times online while another person uses their credit card to purchase the movie tickets online.

If you want to save money there are discount movie theater’s available in most cities. There’s actually one right beside my college which is where me and some friends used to go during our 4 hour spares (yes I know I should’ve been studying).

Backyard party

Price= About $100 split between 6 people

Planning a backyard party is fairly simple, you just need to find out how many people are showing up so that you can purchase plenty of food and beverages.

You could potentially save money on a backyard barbecue party by not serving alcohol but then I doubt anyone would show up. You could also save money by only cooking hot dogs and hamburgers but then you really shouldn’t expect to see me.

I find that it is worth the money to have a great backyard party by having everyone pitch in an equal amount of money for food and beverages of decent quality.

A great party will leave you with memories that will become synonymous with that summer. For example, when you think of summer 2008 there has to be that one memory that instantly comes to mind.

The best money saving tip for this fun summer activity is to ensure that everybody pitches in an equal amount of money for everything. This way $15-20 will lead to a very enjoyable evening for you surrounded by great company.

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