College Life 101: The Art of Pre Drinking

What would college be like without pre-drinking, partying and getting into trouble?

I’m not here to promote. I just understand the reality of the situation. We all know that college is known for binge drinking on the weekends and going out.

I could write about the disadvantages of alcohol and preach about why you shouldn’t drink, but that’s not what I’m here to do. The way I see it is that there are two ways you can approach life.

  1. The way life should be.
  2. The way life actually is.

Binge drinking in college isn’t going away. I wanted to show you how you can binge drink in college without going broke.

You ever go to a club thinking you’re only going to spend a couple of dollars and then 3 hours later you’re down over $50? You feel ashamed for spending more money than you had planned in your monthly budget worksheet?

This is probably because you didn’t pre-drink to get a little buzz before entering the place. You also didn’t factor in how the night would go. I wanted to be as realistic as possible. Everyone has done at one point or another.

Allow me to dive straight into the art of pre drinking and how you can binge drink in college without going broke…

Meet up at a designated location before the binge drinking hits the night club.

The trick to pre-drinking is to have a location where all of you could meet up at before going out.

Preferably the home of a friend that lives close to the night club you guys will be attending later that night because the last thing you want is to journey around town after a few drinks. You also don’t want to struggle to get back to your original destination.

Try to drink your favorite alcohol at a decent price.

Don’t even consider buying a Corona inside of most bars if you care about your wallet. Chances are most of the “premium” alcohol at a bar will go for at least 25% more of its retail value.

No need to spend your hard earned money at the bar just to hold a fancy drink in your hand. Your checking account will feel lonely very fast.

Try to actually enjoy some conversation.

Let’s be honest here, once you get to the establishment of the night you won’t even hear the voice of the person beside you because the music will be on full blast.

I suggest that you enjoy yourself while pre-drinking and use it as an opportunity to shoot the breeze with your friends.

Don’t overdo the binge drinking.

Obviously it wouldn’t be the greatest idea to walk into a bar completely intoxicated. They won’t even let you into the place and if you do get in somehow you’ll make a complete fool of yourself. You should also try to seek some help or take a step back when serious cravings are involved.

It also helps if you leave your student credit card at home. Binge drinking in moderation can be fun. It shouldn’t make you go broke though. This student debt and credit card debt will follow you around until you’re in your 30s.

How did you afford binge drinking in college?

If you’re in college, I envy you because I miss those days.

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