Common Sense School Stuff For College Students

“A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.” — Shelby Foote

Common sense isn’t common to all. As a new college student, there are many things that you need to learn so that you don’t fail and waste your money. I wish that I had someone pull me aside at 17 to fill me in on what was going to come next. I had to learn everything the hard way.

Common Sense In College

I wanted to put together a post of things that all college students should know regarding academic life. I wanted to look at coming late to class and missing deadlines. Let’s be honest, we all will be guilty of both of these.

Coming late to class…

It happens. We all come late to class (or work) at some point.I can’t even try to remember how many times I’ve been late for a class (especially those 8 AM classes).

Why is it that there’s always some clown that feels the need to enter a huge lecture hall 30 minutes late in the middle of a sentence?

Imagine you were discussing something and someone abruptly opens the door and creates a major distraction. You wouldn’t like it.

I highly recommend waiting outside the room for a break.

Most 3 hour lectures have a 15 minutes break at the midway point. I know it sucks missing half of the class but suck it up. You’re the late one. Nobody cares about your excuse. Nobody cares about why you’re late. All they see is you coming in after them. Wait until there’s a break so that you don’t disrupt those who came on time.

If you must enter then take a peek into the room to make sure there is space.

Whatever you do, never be the clown that comes late and makes a huge scene while trying to find space.

Do you realize how annoying you are? Just because you come late you shouldn’t piss off the other people in the class that came on time.

Missing deadlines…

Nobody cares about your excuses.

Unless a family member passed away or has fallen ill then shut up. People have it a lot worse than you do. Save your sorry excuse for someone that will listen.

If you absolutely have to hand an assignment in late then don’t email the professor on the due date. This basically shows that you decided to work on the assignment at the very last minute and you ran out of time.

Email the professor a few days before the due date.

Tell them you require more time because you want to add more value to your work. Tell the professor you want to make sure you hand in an A paper. They may not buy it but it’s better than blatantly lying about not feeling well. You need to get into the habit of getting things done on time because in the workforce this isn’t going to fly. You’re responsible for deadlines.

What does today’s post have to do with personal finance? Everything.

The horrible habits you develop in college will follow you into the real world. These are the habits that will hold you back from that promotion or big wage increase. Who in the right mind would promote the guy that walks into a meeting late? Who would give the female a raise that hands the report in past the deadline?

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