How To Pick Up Girls In College When You’re Broke

An empty heart will hold you back more than an empty pocket. How many times have you told yourself that you would meet more girls in college if you had more money? Probably a countless amount of times. First and foremost, let me say that the no money theory is nothing but a myth. Sure having a fancy car and a pocket full of money helps but when you’re in college I don’t think anyone expects you to be rich.

As you may know by now, every first Friday (or weekend) of the month I put together a post that is a completely light read and is specifically aimed at college students that don’t care much for my personal finance advice. After speaking with many males and females I have put together a decent list of ways you can meet girls in college when you are broke.

Before you meet a girl…

Go to student bars/pubs on campus.

I know I have probably said this about a million times but I will say once more time, if you want to meet girls your age without spending lots of money then check out the bars on campus. You will meet people in the same situation as yours and drinks are generally cheaper. The best nights to go to the college pubs are usually Thursdays because that’s when drinks are the cheapest during the week and college students flock in herds.

Be confident and own your shortcomings.

So what if you’re poor now? In a few years you will likely have a solid career earning a decent income. You are on the road to success so don’t worry if you don’t have lots of money when you’re a 20 something college student. Unfortunately, confidence can’t be taught nor can you read an article and learn how to be confident. It takes practice and lots (and lots) of rejections until you finally find what works for you.

Once you meet a girl. The next stage.

Cook dinner at home.

You can taking all the dancing lessons in the world or you could work all weekend long to earn enough money to take a girl out to a fancy restaurant but at the end of the day you are better off learning how to cook. Yes I know that food costs money but cooking your own meal vs. buying a meal at a restaurant for two is substantially different.

Try something new.

Keep the girl on her toes at all times. Try to get the girl to pay for some of the dates or look no further for cheap & creative date ideas. If you are good at something (something hard to learn not playing video games) then bring your date to see you in action. I have a friend that always brings girls to his shows where he plays the guitar for a band.

Do something creative that the girl may have never seen before.

If you meet a girl in one of your college classes and you’re stressing because she wants to go on a date with you but you got no money then stress no more. She will be more impressed with how much thought you put into the date as opposed to how much money you spent on it. You don’t have to believe me but this comes straight from a females mouth.

Any other tips for how a broke college student can have a decent social life? Please share…

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