Do You Use Credit Cards or Do They Use You?

“Procrastination is like a credit card bill: It’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.” — Christopher Parker

Do you use your credit card or have they been using you?

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been running a personal finance blog aimed at young adults for over three years now. As I get older, the topics get more mature. I’m now going to be covering life after college, investment topics, and ways to make more money instead of pinching pennies. I’m excited about the natural progression of Studenomics. I need to thank you for being apart of this ride!

Studenomics’ Readers Dealing With Credit.

A cool thing is that I’ve grown with many of you guys. About a month ago I decided to go through my email. I wanted to try some sort of an Inbox Zero experiment. I setup different labels and wanted to bring my main inbox down to zero. In doing so I realized that I lost touch with many of my readers that I used to interact with a few years ago. So I started reaching out to see what was going on with everyone.

I was totally proud to learn that one of my readers killed of his debt and was now using credit cards to his advantage. Another reader was finishing up college and starting a new business (excellent move). Others have figured out their financial situation and are now looking to move up the ranks in their company.

A few of my readers likely lost their emails because they used their school account and now they must be long gone.

I started to think about how readers were dealing with credit. I’m proud to know that I’ve helped people master their credit, get out of debt, and use credit to their advantage.

A few months I did a podcast with Crystal where we discussed the topic of credit. Crystal brought up the idea that you can either use credit cards or they can use you. I now wanted to throw this question out to you guys.

Do you use credit cards or do they use you?

Taking advantage of credit card offers.

I used to hate promoting credit card offers on here.

Then I realized that there are many readers that want to maximize their usage of a credit card to get money back, build credit, and earn points. If you don’t care about what’s a good credit score or how to build credit, then that’s cool because I’ve covered pre-drinking on here as well in the past.

Then there are other readers and friends that tell me I’m dumb for even dealing with a cash back credit card. Apparently, some sort of a points based cased card is ideal because despite the annual fee, you have the ability to build up points and earn at least a flight per year. I’m going to make the switch soon. I’m currently using my Walmart credit card to see how much money I spend on food monthly (the results post will be up in a few weeks).

What are your experiences with credit cards?

As you can tell I’m not against credit cards. When used wisely they can be a powerful financial tool. You don’t have to go into debt like your friends will with a credit card.

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