11 Ways College Students Should Never Spend Money

Say what you want about frugality tips and personal finance issues facing college students today, I believe there are still many small ways that college students can save money.

Simply put, there are places & ways that college students should never spend their money, and I’m here to outline a few of them.

1. College book store. You guys know my thoughts on the college book store. There are so many ways to save money on textbooks that it makes no sense to walk into your college book store to shell out up to a couple hundred dollars on a textbook.

2. Library. Your local library or school library is meant to be a free resource for you and the community. Don’t be one of those fools that returns the books late and racks up late fees. Not only could the fees add up but you will definitely annoy a few people.

3. Your bank. Everyone knows the deal by now- find a bank that won’t charge you all kinds of ridiculous monthly and usage fees.

4. Local fast food restaurant. You’re in your 20s, its about time you learned how to prepare your own food. Not only will you save money but you will eat healthier (and no I don’t want to hear the argument about how McDonald’s has healthier options now).

5. Gym membership you wont use. I have a gym membership that I try to use as often as possible but let’s be honest many college students will sign up for gym memberships that they will never use.

6. High gas prices. Gas prices can get very steep at times and it just adds to your debt if you are already struggling to cover your college tuition costs. I know some people think riding a bicycle to school is lame but you can always take public transportation to save money.

7. Expensive drinks at clubs. You can always save money by pre drinking before you go out, going out on odd nights, or by hitting the local college pubs where they host student nights.

8. Maxing out your cell phone package. You would have to pry my iPhone off my dead body so I can’t judge others for spending money on a cell phone package but I can tell you that you’re insane if you manage to max out your minutes or text messages. You got the package for a reason, once you start going over I don’t even want to see your cell phone bill.

That’s how college students can save money.

2 thoughts on “11 Ways College Students Should Never Spend Money”

  1. Actually #6 is pretty uncommon to truly waste money on here in the Netherlands. Most students actually travel by bicycle and/or public transport simply because it’s free for us. For me personally, it’s even faster to go by bike to college (30min) than by car in the morning because of all the traffic. But then again, a lot of college students here also don’t have a drivers license yet, because you have to be at least 18 to get one. ((But we can drink beer/wine when we’re 16 or older. Liquor 18 or older.))

    Too bad I was actually forced to buy from my college bookstore last year, because some of the books actually were the cheapest there. I did save money though by buying about two used books, which saved me about €40 (~56USD)

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