5 Reasons You Should NOT Go To College

Last week I discussed reasons why people should go to College, now I explore the alternative, not going to College. Ever since you were a child, your parents most likely hammered home the concept of attending a post-secondary institution, so naturally you will have no choice but to do so. This is actually wrong, and believe it or not someone that takes their education as seriously as I do, I still believe that there are cases where people should simply not go to post secondary school. If, and only if, you find yourself in one of the scenarios listed below then post secondary education is not for you.

1. You are simply not interested. No one can force you to be interested in something, people can convince you to do something but no one will ever be able to convince you to be interested in something against your own will. There is no point to spending so much money on an education when you do not want one or do not plan on committing. By attending a post secondary institute with no interest you will just waste your time and money.

2. You are content with your current job. If the money you are making or the job you are presently working satisfy you, then by all means continue. Not everyone has the same goals, and if you place a higher emphasis on other values (such as family & friends), and less emphasis on education then no one is in any position to judge you.

3. You have other responsibilities. Many of us are fortunate to have no headaches or responsibilities at a young age, while others are in more harsher conditions and have no time to worry about an education. If you truly are in a position where your responsibilities in life outweigh everything else, then once again no one can judge you.

4. Your financial situation makes it not feasible to go to school. If you are in position where taking an educational loan is not even an option because of your economic issues then you should focus on accumulating some money first. It is usually better to get an education first and then worry about the costs, but sometimes the financial issue (debt) is such a deep concern that is should be your main focus.

5. You are a true entrepreneur. What defines a true entrepreneur? That is for you to decide. Some of the wealthiest people of our generation never completed their studies (Bill Gates, Fred Smith of FedEx, etc.). The problem is that everyone wants to think they are an entrepreneur, but unless you have already made money or have proof of concept (an unbiased third party opinion that you have an idea that will work) then maybe you should try something else. However, if you are currently operating a successful business, making good money or growing your company towards the future then school is not for you. The truth of the matter is that some people are making so much money that they are simply too busy for school. I am in no position to judge because the reason I attend school is to increase my earning potential, but if someone is already making a lot of money then cheers to them.

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