Changing Your Major

There’s plenty of students who go into college thinking they know what they want to major in and as they go through college, their mind changes. Maybe you thought you wanted to be a reporter, so you went in as a journalism major. When you took that general education course in anthropology, your wheels started turning and you decided your life wouldn’t be complete without going to other cultures and becoming an anthropologist instead of writing about it. It happens to more students than you think, and it’s not too difficult to change your plans midway through your previous ones.

If you do want to change your major while you’re in school, here’s what you should do and consider:

  1. How far have you gone in your current major? If you’re in the first two years of your education and you really just completed your general education courses, then changing your major shouldn’t be too difficult. However, if you’re one semester away from graduation, and you’ve gone through the upper division classes of your current major, it may not be a good idea to change your major unless you don’t mind staying in school a for a few more semesters.
  2. Would a minor suffice? If staying in school too much longer is going to be an issue, maybe you should consider minoring in the subject that has peaked your interest instead of changing up your major. You will still take the core classes in that subject when you minor, but you won’t have to take so many classes, postponing your anticipated graduation date.
  3. Have you talked to your counselor or academic advisor? Discussing your change in plans would be best talked about with your counselor. They are not new to this situation and could best guide you in your changes. They can help you draft a plan where you know what classes you need, when they’re offered, and how it will affect your schedule from then on out.
  4. Have you talked to your parents? There are so many students who go with a major that their parents wanted them to pursue. If you’ve found a passion for a subject that you just can’t ignore, discuss this with your parents. You have to be happy with your degree since you’ll be the one working with it. Get their input and let them know how you feel.
  5. Have you explored career options? One of the best ways you can see if this is the right major for you is to explore your career options. Talk to people who work in the field, and see if that’s a job that you would enjoy having. Find an internship for the semester and see if you could stomach the field. Some people intern in a field and realize they would hate to work in it. It’s always good to find out as early as possible.

Your major is exactly that: your major. You have to think if you’re going to be happy with your degree when you graduate. Think about it before you make the decision, and find support if you’re going for it.

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