Even More Tips on Finding a College Internship

Are you hoping to find a college internship this year?

We recently looked at the idea of creating your own college internship. While I was putting this piece together I went over old posts to see what the comments were like and what you guys had to say about the topic. I love to give you as much feedback and share as many experiences as possible to help you grow through your 20s.

I wanted to highlight some of the top comments from many years ago on college internships for those of you that are going through the process right now. This article will provide even more tips for those of you hoping to find a college internship in the near future…

What did you guys have to say about finding a college internship?

Tim jumped in with his thoughts on finding work and deciding what to do after college:

Internships, attending events, etc. These are good basic tips that will have some impact for sure.

Since we’re also talking about being more creative during this economic slump, why not think outside the box of looking for another job in the first place? (This from a guy who has been working from home since March of 1996).

I’m rather amazed that there are plenty of skill sets that are for whatever reason not “conventional” enough to be taught in schools, but the mastery of which would lead to more autonomy.

Most of us are trained to be employees- nothing wrong with that, but I’m convinced that thinking that way is a kind of tunnel vision that keeps many from learning skills that would allow them to carve out there own path to income.

One of them is as close as the computer in front of most of us. For the first time in history, we are 3 feet in front of the world, yet few learn how to use it in a way to render 1) value to others and 2)income for themselves.

Once someone learns how to market a product online, they can even make (no kidding) income.

Trent had to say:

Professors make all the difference. Find one that’s working on something truly interesting to you, then do whatever you can to work with that professor – even if it means working for free. When you’re there, ask lots of questions, jot down things you don’t understand, and bone up on them on your own. Work hard, too, and do your job well. If you’re showing interest in the topic and work hard, many professors will go to astounding lengths to keep you around and open doors for you.

Steve chimed in with:

Internship experience is crucial. I was offered a job at the company I interned with. I took another job instead, but it’s a great way to get a permanent job.

Networking is crucial these days in finding a job. The more people you know in the field the better your chance of your resume getting to the right place instead of being lost in the shuffle. I got my internship through a few neighbors that all worked at the same company. My boss ended up being in my dad’s fraternity. Small world, use that to your advantage.

I truly hope that all of the young folks reading this have enough feedback to land that sweet college internship. Good luck!

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