Foolish Mistakes College Students Are Making For This Summer

Keeping up with the theme of April fools day and the fact that it is Financial Literacy Month I figured it would be appropriate to discuss foolish mistakes that current students are making at the moment that could negatively affect their summer.

Having no job lined up

It’s already April which means the school year is coming to an end (finally!) and many twenty somethings will be starting work soon (full time/part time). Are you one of those people? If not then there is a major problem, do you really think you will find the job you want last minute? I know college is all about last minute cramming but the job hunt is a bit different. If you intend on working this summer then it would be quite foolish if you do not have a job lined up as of this moment.

Not handing out resumes

If you haven’t found a summer job yet then why the hell are you not handing out resumes and proactively seeking work? Recession this, recession that bla bla bla. Student employees don’t exactly earn a million dollars so using the recession as an excuse is unacceptable. There are obviously less student positions available this summer but that doesn’t mean you have no chance of finding work, it just means you have to work harder and search deeper. I will go into further detail with this topic in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Not enrolling in any courses

Okay I’m well aware that the whole idea of being in school in the summer isn’t the most appealing idea for most young students but just hear me out. In 2007 I was feeling pretty burned out from school so instead of doing the logical thing of enjoying my summer I decided to take a full course load just so that I could avoid traveling to school in the treacherous weather the next winter. Besides being able to finish early another benefit of taking courses in the summer is that you will maintain your basic school skills; research, writing exams, and time management. Even if you absolutely refuse to do summer school why not try taking at least one course?

5 thoughts on “Foolish Mistakes College Students Are Making For This Summer”

  1. Another huge mistake:

    Not taking advantage of the recession!!

    Seems counter- intuitive, right? Look around. When there are fewer jobs, the opportunity cost of taking a risk and doing something you love is lower. So why not try to start your own business this summer rather than sitting in an office filing papers? Doing something you love will not only be more interesting, but you’re likely to be more successful at it (thus making you more desirable for future employers and increasing your earnings later on down the line)

    Think about it.

  2. May I also suggest that you also try to find a little time in your summer for fun? The summer after my freshman year I did two semester of organic chemistry, and the following two summers I had internships in research laboratories. Last summer I spent the couple of weeks I had between graduation and the start of Teach For America summer Institute in the lab because I didn’t want to let my project go without thoroughly training others to take it over. Those were all valuable experiences, but right now I’m feeling pretty burned out and wished I’d carved out a couple of weeks during the past four years to go camping or lie on a beach somewhere.

  3. I took one summer off and bicycled through Europe.

    It was a great experience and I don’t regret it at all.

    I think that you need to weigh your choices. If you are in mountains of debt you should probably find a job. If you are financially stable then you might be able to afford a nice getaway (even if it isn’t a summer long one like mine!).

    Also, in line with Beyond Beer Money’s suggestion… take advantage of the recession. To get more done with less, unpaid internships are very popular right now. Get your foot in the door!

  4. Also not tailoring each cover letter for each company they are applying for? I’ve found that has worked with my job applications. Make it personal. It only takes a few mins to check out their website and pick out a quality you can discuss in your covering letter. It just seems so impersonal to hand out just a generic c.v. It shows no effort in my opinion. Alas the handing out of cvs and individually tailored cvs has worked in my favour. I have a 9 week contract lined up and was offered another job today! It’s a relief because moving back to London is going to be one big shock to my bank account.

  5. @ BeyondBeerMoney – 100% there with you hence my 9 weeks contract and 3 month summer. Although technically I have to train for another part time job just before I start uni. I have to make time for my trip to Paris for my 21st as that has been a desire for sooooo long. Having been abroad for a year I think it’s super important to meet up with friends also!

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