I Love College- 4 Financial Benefits of Being a College Student

A couple of months ago Asher Roth (yea I didn’t know who he was either when the song came out) released a song talking about how he loves college. It was your typical song talking about drinking, girls, and eating fast food, which don’t get me wrong are all apart of college life. I don’t have any college statistics in front of me but after thinking about why I love college, I managed to come up with a list of 4 financial benefits of being a college student and why you should love college:

1. You can earn an income in college through some fun methods

Don’t get me wrong you can have fun earning an income after your graduate from college but I really doubt you want to be a 30 year old dude organizing a beer keg party. As mentioned during my post on earning an income while in college– you have the opportunity to work jobs that you may not necessarily want to after you graduate. You can work as a bartender where you can meet other college students and even older professionals that could help you out in the future.

2. Cooking for college students consists of ordering 2 pizzas

One for now, one for later. Unfortunately, I left this phase after my first year of college when I became more health conscious and serious about my training. It’s probably one thing that everyone that grows older after graduating from college wishes they could still do- eat fast food everyday & not get fat! Don’t worry no health lectures from me because I’m sure you get enough of those from your parents. The college student diet is one thing we can all look back at and laugh.

3. Apartment rentals are actually fun and fairly inexpensive

Once you’re a young professional you will likely split apart from your college friends and get stuck searching for an apartment unit that is closer to your work (in other words expensive).

As a college student you get together with a few close friends and search through the apartment classifieds until you find a cheap location close to the campus (or the bar). You usually end up with an apartment rental consisting of 5 college students splitting the rent, resulting in a fairly inexpensive fun experience.

I attend University in my city since I’m fortunate enough to live on the subway line. The unfortunate part is that I’ve never had the experience of living in an apartment unit with some of my closest friends.

4. Your income as a college student isn’t as important as when you graduate

Yes I know I love to talk about earning an income while in college but I can’t help it because earning an income and debt are the most popular topics for college students. Earning an income as a college student is essential so that you do NOT fully rely on financial aid but it’s not as important as when you get older and have a family. As a 20 something you can work off the money you owe to financial aid when you begin your career. When you get closer to your 30s; you purchase a home, start a family, it’s not as easy to pay off your debts and you have to really focus on increasing your income. As a college student you only worry about yourself and earning enough money to be somewhat comfortable.

What do YOU love about college?

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