Issues With Working In College

Working in College

What are the issues with working in college?

I often write to you guys about the benefits of working during college. I’ve also discussed how it can improve your financial situation exponentially compared to other students.

I would lying if I said that working in college was easy because it definitely wasn’t.  I didn’t talk about the downside to making money in college. I would be a huge hypocrite if I said it was worth it all of the time.

If you’re considering working part time or full time during the school year then please consider the following negatives of this option:

Working creates lots of stress if you can’t manage your time.

Working while in college can really stress you out if you don’t manage your time wisely because you’re always going to feel crammed and rushed.

For example, if you know that after work you have to finish your assignment and nothing else, then you’ll do alright. If you really want to watch the Office and My Name Is Early before you start you work then you will find yourself stressed out late at night. If your friends are calling you to go out after work, then you’re going to have to make some sacrifices.

Will you go out with friends or finish that assignment?

Working dilutes your focus.

Sometimes I will be really focused on a task and then bham its time to rush off to work. Multi-tasking can be great if you can juggle a bunch of different tasks at once. If you’re the type of person that likes to sit down and focus on one task at a time then your focus can be diluted.

Work will take away focus from your studies. When you’re at work, you can’t study.

Working may affect your grades.

Working in college and the grades you get is usually directly related to the intensity of your program. Being a Business student, I’m sure I have the luxury of time to work more hours than an Engineering student. I don’t want you to email me telling my I’m a hypocrite because I do realize that not every degree program allows you to work.

If your work interferes with class, study sessions, and assignment time, then you’re going to have to figure something out so that your grades don’t suffer.

Yes it’s worth working in college to earn an income if you manage your time and money wisely. I was lucky enough to find jobs that allowed me to study.

If you notice that you’re paying off your student loans while your grades are where you want them to be then working in college will be the greatest decision you ever make. If your grades slip and you find yourself re-doing a course, you’ll probably hate me and anyone else that promoted the idea of working in college.I can’t do the work for you. I can only show you what’s possible.

At the end of the day the decision is all yours. Do you have it in you to work during the school year? What are your results from working in college?

2 thoughts on “Issues With Working In College”

  1. Having not worked in college I can’t share experiences, but know what you mean. It can be more tough to focus on various things. Hopefully it’s a flexible more fun environment job.

  2. @Wilhelm You could say my school indirectly forces us to work during the school year. They rip us off every chance they get so we got no choice but to make some money.

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