Managing Time Off From School

As you all may know I used my reading week to travel down south to the Dominican Republic. Was this the most effective way for a student to spend reading week? Well not really. So then why did I do it? Because I properly planned how I would manage my time away from school. I’m the type of person that hates to lose momentum but I also realize the importance of time off in order to recharge my batteries. Today I want to share with the readers how I properly manage time off from school.

Plan in advance. If you know you are going on vacation or out of town for a  few days then make sure you inquire about upcomiong exams and assignments with all of your professors. It’s also important to ensure that you will not be missing any important classes. It’s ideal if you miss days where there are no classes but if you know you’re going to miss a few classes then you definitely need to plan a bit earlier in advance.

Complete all assignments. One thing I always try to do before going on vacation is to complete all of my assignments. This way when I come back I don’t have to stress about completing assignments last minute. I can come back and know that everything is complete and ready to hand in.

Notify people. Make sure that group members, professors, co-workers, or anyone that you communicate with on a daily basis is aware of the fact that you will not be around for a few days. Last thing you want is to come back from vacation and find out that you have 20 missed calls from people trying to figure out where you are.

Relax, recharge, and enjoy the freedom. You spent your hard earned money on going away so why not get the most out of it? One of the best things about getting away from school for a week is that you don’t have to worry about anything. Your biggest concern should be what you eat for dinner. This is your chance to recharge your batteries and return to school fully energize and ready to work.

How do you guys manage time off from school? Does anyone find that they lose too much momentum by taking time off from school?m

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