More College Dorm Essentials

Are you ready for college?

I covered college freshmen essentials last year. It became one of my most popular posts for the whole summer as new college students were looking for guidance in this area. This year the list has of course expanded. Let’s take a look at more college freshmen essentials for your dorm room/pad:

Leave your wardrobe behind. Don’t bring every single piece of clothing that you own. This will only take up space in your room– oh and it will bother your roommate who’ll be stuck with zero closet space.

Vacuum cleaner. Cleaning may not be your thing right now, but when a few months of pizzas and cookies catch up with you, you’ll be dying for that vacuum cleaner. You likely won’t have to bring your own vacuum cleaner, but it would be helpful if you could have one ready to borrow.

Cleaning supplies. To go along with the previous point, as much as you’re going to hate the thought of cleaning up, you’ll realize how important it is when your place begins to stink and nobody even wants to come in. You can’t have a college dorm essentials checklist without some paper towels and disinfectant spray. This may seem ridiculous at this very moment, but trust me you’re going to want to keep your place clean and fresh.

A stack of DVDs. I mentioned a DVD player as a college dorm room essential last year, but I never mentioned the stack of DVDs. It’s super helpful to have movies ready for every kind of situation. Nothing beats Super Bad on a Friday night, just like nothing beats a scary movie on a date night.

Headphones. Your roommates won’t be too happy with you blasting music in the middle of the night. A solid pair of headphones will come in handy when you feel like blasting some music in the middle of the night to pump you up for that assignment that’s due in a few hours.

Earplugs. There will be times where all you want to do is sleep. Having a roommate and a million other distractions, might make falling asleep next to impossible. The best way to combat this is through getting yourself a nice pair of earplugs (just don’t let this be an excuse for missing your alarm wake up in the morning!).

There goes another list of college dorm room essentials. What did I miss this time around? What could you not live without?

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