Online College Education Myths

When it comes it an online college education there are many myths prevalent amongst young people. I have already discussed the benefits of earning an online degree. I want to look at some of the myths involved with earning a college education and explain why they aren’t true.

This article is perfect for current college students that are considering enrolling in a few online courses or for college graduates that are looking to upgrade their skills in their spare time.

Myth #1: Earning an online college education is easy.

Just because you don’t have a physical classroom for your course it doesn’t make it a “joke.” It just is what it is. A place of learning without a physical location. Of course an online college program is not for everyone but you can’t dismiss it as being easy. You should also not plan on having an easy time earning your college degree online. The workload, assignments, and exams are pretty much identical to that of a regular college classroom. You just don’t have a cute blonde sitting beside you to distract you.

Myth #2: An online college education is only for computer experts.

I hate technical computer stuff but even I have managed to be successful in the few online college courses that I took. Online college courses have become so easy to use that literally anyone can earn an online college degree. If you know how to use Internet Explorer or Firefox and then you will have no technical problems with your online college courses.

Of course you need to try as hard as you can to make sure your laptop is as distraction-free as possible. If you are anything like me then the most difficult time you will have with doing your online work is clearing all of the distractions and turning off Facebook.

Myth #3: An online college is boring and not interactive.

It may seem like an online course consists of only reading course material online and then completing your assignments. It can actually be pretty interactive though. One of the online courses I took that was offered by my college ended up having meet up sessions every few weeks. Some of these sessions were mandatory while others were strictly voluntary. I found that the voluntary sessions were much morel liberal and there was pretty much an open forum between the students and the professor.

I hope you found this article valuable and that you will have an easier time deciding whether to enrol in that online college course. Just remember that with the advent of online college courses young professionals no longer have any excuses when it comes to going back to school, even on a part-time online basis.

2 thoughts on “Online College Education Myths”

  1. A friend of mine got his MBA from the University of Phoenix online and he said it was one of the most difficult things he has ever done. It can be tricky learning something on your own with no one there to show you on a blackboard.

    I once took an Algebra class online. BIG MISTAKE! I ended up dropping the course a few weeks in because it was just so difficult not seeing those examples on the board. All I can add is that some classes are nice to take online and some will be a big struggle.

    1. @Adam Oh man online courses can be very difficult if you don’t have strong self-discipline. I have taken fairly easy to comprehend courses online and have stayed clear of any course that requires extensive examples.

      I was considering an online MBA so thanks for the heads up!

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