Setbacks of Attending a Community College

As much as I enjoyed my experience at a Community College I must admit that there are also a few setbacks. Anyone that has been following Studenomics for any period of time is aware that it is typical of me to analyze both the pros and cons of any argument. Today we will be looking at some of the reasons why a community college may not be the best option for you:

A Diploma from a Community College is less credible

A 2-3 year program at a community college is nowhere close to being as a reputable as holding a degree from a top college. A four year degree carries more credibility and more prestige because you worked long and hard to obtain the credential.

Less career opportunities

Generally speaking there are more career opportunities available for those that have a degree from a prestigious university. Many job postings clearly state that they require you have a degree not a diploma. With everything else being equal it is a sad reality that the name on the piece of paper will get you through the door and into the company. Obviously you could combat this by having spectacular work experience but that is another article for another day.

A Community College may not be challenging enough

Sure when you’re 20 years old you cheer at the top of your lungs when you find out your college program is easy. The problem is that when you finally enter the work force you may not be ready ready for some of the tasks and challenges that come your way. What’s the problem with that? If you are not really good at what you do then you won’t be as successful with your career as you would like to be.

Community Colleges typically do not offer a residence for students

Many young people love the idea of moving away from home after high school to attend college. The problem is that most community colleges will not provide you with a place to stay. Your only options would be to stay at home with your parents or to rent a unit in the area (which is typically more expensive). If you are looking for the full college life experience, you will not get it by attending a community college.

As you can see at the end of the day there are many pros and cons of attending a community college. What it comes down to though is what credentials do you need to get that dream job? If you want to become an Engineer, Doctor, or anything along those lines then a community college won’t have much to offer you. If you want to pursue a career as a trades person, medical assistant, or any other career that requires a mix of hands on experience and education then a community college is suited for you. Just please make sure before you decide on the path you will take with your education that you speak with a unbiased college counselor. Meaning someone that does not for a particular school or industry because you want an honest and unbiased opinion.

1 thought on “Setbacks of Attending a Community College”

  1. I will agree with Robert that CC can be helpful when you transfer, even if you want to be an Engineer or Doctor. You just have to make sure your credits will transfer.

    I’m a fan of CC for cost reasons. You could attend a so-so university for four years at the same price as two years at CC and two years at your dream university. In the end, your degree is from the second school, so it doesn’t matter that half your hours came from CC.

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