How You Can Overcome The Dark Side of Making Huge Money in Your 20s

As you all know by now, I promote the idea of maximizing your income by freelancing on the side. I even launched a premium guide on the topic titled, “Start Freelancing Now.” You can grab your copy right now.

With that being said, there seems to be a dark side to freelancing and always trying to maximize your income in your 20s. While looking at freelancing secrets and other techniques, I missed a different perspective.

I get all sorts of comments on here. There are some bright folks that stop by. Then there are some real characters.

I wanted to share this reader comment on the dark side of maximizing your income/savings:

How to get rich? Never get married and never have children. Live a miserly life. You will get sick and die before you ever have a chance to enjoy it. Focusing on getting rich is a hollow endeavor.

Hang it up, kid. I have had BMWs, mansions and million dollar businesses and six figure jobs with major corporations. You never know who your real friends are because you have so much to offer them–career connections, business, perks, a place to stay, free advice, etc.

Life happens, you have kids, you get divorced, your spouse takes you to the cleaners because you were the one who earned all the money.

Live for enjoyment, giving and personal fulfillment. Nothing else matters.

Those are some valid points. I’m also going to assume that this person has been screwed over at one point by someone.I’m not going to bash this person either because I appreciate them taking the time to leave a comment here.

I wanted to throw out my random thoughts on the dark side of trying to start an online business and focusing too much on money in general…

You have to remember who your friends are.

We all have a few amazing friends and a bunch of acquaintances. I always try to remember who my real friends are because it’s easy to get lost when you start making money and traveling. At the end of the day, your friends will be there no matter what. Those that run when times get tough, aren’t really your friends. But I’m not here to get too corny.

I’ll just leave you with this thought here: try to avoid toxic individuals. They will bring you down and

You don’t have to risk huge money.

I recently shared with you how you can start a business with $100. I firmly believe that we can leverage the Internet these days to start a business with limited finances and limited risk. This doesn’t mean that you have to start a blog or anything like that. I’m just say that you can take small calculated risks these days. You don’t have to throw everything on the line.

Try to self-motivate yourself.

What do you do you when you’re feeling down? Do you feel sorry for yourself? Do you get yourself all pumped up?

A while back I shared the best motivational quotes with you guys because I’m one of those people who tries to pump myself up and everyone around me. I strongly believe that you have to be a self-motivator in this world or else everything and everyone will bring you down. Don’t fall. Pump yourself up and take over the world like Pinky and The Brain!

While the reader made some valid points, I do believe that you can avoid the dark side of trying to maximize your income in your 20s.

3 thoughts on “How You Can Overcome The Dark Side of Making Huge Money in Your 20s”

  1. I feel sorry that that guy has had such bad experiences. You are absolutely correct, real friends are friends no matter what the money looks like. I do have a friend that is well off. I’m happy and proud for him that he has accomplished as much as he has, especially since he was nearly broke when we first met. But the only help I’ve ever asked of him is a sympathetic ear when times have been tough.

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