How to Make Extra Money Right Now To Survive This Global Pandemic

Are you looking for ways to make extra money during this difficult time? Many people have lost jobs due to this global pandemic. Many of us have seen our incomes take a drastic hit. It’s terrible to see good people lose work for no fault of their own. There’s no telling as to when the economy will return back to normal (if that ever happens).

I try to be positive but I don’t want to be falsely optimistic about the current situation. It’s rough out there. People are stressed about how they’re going to pay their bills. The government is trying to offer packages, but that just isn’t enough.

The best thing that we can do after we ensure that our family and loved ones are safe is to look for ways to start making extra money. We have to make money on the side so that we can survive this mess without going bankrupt.

How to increase your income

We’re going to look at ways to make extra money and how to bring in some cash during this global pandemic without trying to become an influencer or any of that nonsense. I looked up every possible way to make some money right now. Let’s get started.

This article will be split up into four parts:

  1. What to do immediately if you’re struggling financially.
  2. Quick ways to make some money.
  3. A look at how you can make money online with different types of work.
  4. What to avoid doing for money no matter how desperate you get.

[Quick note: We looked at how to survive this financial chaos already. You can read up on how to find an extra $1,000 in 30 days.]

Here’s what to do right now for financial help during this global crisis…

Here’s what you need to do before you start looking for ways to make extra money:

  • Contact your landlord/creditors/lenders about any issues with making payments. Do you need a deferral? Do you need any help? Will you be late on a payment?
  • See what government help is available to you. Do you qualify for assistance? Do this first to see if you can get any money to hold you over.
  • Cut out a few expenses. Is there anything that you can cut out right away? Premium Tinder may have to go away for a bit.

Once you stabilize things, it’s time to make some money.

Quick solutions for how to make extra money…

This isn’t going to be ideal, but we have to do what we can in a time of crisis. Let’s look at immediate solutions for how to make extra money or any money in the foreseeable future.

Can you apply for part-time work or deliver food?

I know I know. This isn’t as sexy as becoming a YouTube star or trying to hit it big on Tik Tok. Grocery stores and some retailers are hiring right now. You may not want to work here forever, but we have to survive this tough.

Forbes just posted something about how Amazon hired 100,000 new employees and are now looking to hire another 75,000. This may not be your dream job, but any extra money at this point will help.

Uber Eats and other delivery services are looking for help. A friend on Facebook posted that he earned $1,000 in tips the other week by delivering alcohol for a company.

Look into flipping your stuff for money.

Can you get rid of your stuff? Do you have anything that you can try to part with?

Go on Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay and see what you can sell right now for cash. A friend of mine is selling off shoes that he collected over the years. Sell off whatever you can to get some cash in your hands right now.

These are quick fixes. During tough times we have to do whatever we can to stay afloat by exploring different options for how to make extra money.

Now let’s look at the best side hustles to bring in some extra money right now!

The best side hustles from home to make extra money are…

There are many ways to make money online or create a digital income for yourself while you’re at home.

I’ve created many helpful guides on Studenomics for you guys. Here’s how you can start if you want to make extra money…

  1. The exact steps to getting paid as a writer. You can use this time to try to get paid for your writing.
  2. How to start an online business in 6 easy steps. Here’s how you can start a blog.
  3. How to make money off social media. Did you know that you could make money from blogging?
  4. How you can make money online. A full look on making money online.

Start freelancing.

Is there any service that you can offer as a freelancer?

As a freelancer, you provide a service for a fee. The good news is that this service can be anything and I mean ANYTHING.

Here are examples of freelancing services in demand:

  • Personal training.
  • Yoga classes.
  • Virtual assistance (more on this later).
  • Anything design related.
  • Tutoring.
  • Digital content.

These are a few sites that you can use to find freelance work:

I’m going to use Freelancer as the example here for finding freelance work to make some extra money.

Ways to make extra money

You then browse to see what jobs are in demand until you find something that you think you could do for money.

Here are examples of jobs that seem to have lots of work on these platforms:

  • Converting files.
  • Data entry.
  • Customer service.
  • Resume help.
  • Design work.

On you can filter by budget and location. If you’re new to your particular skill, you can start with a low price to build up. You can browse until you find work that suits your skillset.

How can you start freelancing right now?

  1. Make a list of a few services that you can offer.
  2. Narrow it down to 1-3 things.
  3. Get a portfolio of your work together so that you have a decent offering.
  4. List your offer on multiple platforms. Go to, use Kijiji, and even consider posting on Facebook.
  5. Promote your offer and respond to offers until you find work. Repeat this process a few times.

Note: if you don’t feel that you have the skills to earn a decent income through freelancing, you can always take some time to work on your skills in quarantine. However, I have a feeling that you can find at least one service that you could perform for money.

Perform odd jobs online for money.

There are many odd jobs that you can provide for money. I haven’t done of any of these but I’ll just list off a few options before we move on to the next way to bring in extra money.

On that note…

Become a virtual assistant.

Can you become an assistant for someone?

These are in demand. Entrepreneurs are always hiring out decent help. We struggle with finding the right people. This can be a service that you offer as a freelancer or you can apply at one of the sites that are hiring.

I’ve heard good things about Fancy Hands. I personally had this sort of a role in the past by accident when I worked with a blogging peer. You can find yourself working in a new field during this quarantine.

Offer something on Fiverr.

Have you ever been on Fiverr? I used to use this site for cheap logos in 2012, then I paid for some smaller silly  projects (like turning me into a Simpsons character), and now it looks like Fiverr has grown tremendously.

Now you can offer anything and everything on there. Take a look at how Fiverr has expanded over the years.

How to make money online

After digging around a bit more, I found that many freelancers are making extra money by offering their services for more than $5.

How to make money online

I give credit to these folks because they’re offering services from personal training to streching tips to making videos for you. If you look closer, you’ll see that they’re charging more than $5 and they have hundreds of positive reviews.

[Use this link to test out Fiverr. Try it out and see if you can list something.]

Online tutoring.

This industry is seeing a big boom since many parents are either fed up with teaching their kids or are too busy to be full-time teachers. There are also sites that are looking for tutors to teach things like basic English and so on.

Here are two sites that you can use right now:

  • Chegg.
  • VIPkids.

I found this helpful video below for how to get hired as a tutor.

Use this link to sign up for VIPkids.

We previously looked at how Theo started a tutoring business. Theo runs Student Circle. Many smaller tutoring companies are trying to hire on good people since parents are struggling with trying to become teachers for the first time.

Apply for credit cards and open investment accounts.

Can you open up new bank accounts? Some banks, credit cards, and investment accounts give you a sign up bonus. This isn’t much, but $50 beats nothing.

It’s also important that you find ways to lower the fees on your current accounts by contacting your bank.

When times are going well it’s easy to scoff an different income sources. We’re now realizing that a side hustle can easily become your only source of income overnight.

Don’t do this! What are extra ways to make money that you should avoid?

As times get tough, the con artists come out and the scams are everywhere. I’ve been getting all kinds of unsolicited offers through email and social media to sell teas. You’re going to see more pyramid schemes and people trying to sell you the dream.

Here are things you need to avoid right now if you’re looking at ways to make extra money:

  • Executive coaching programs that cost a fortune.
  • Getting into complicated stock trading strategies. If you didn’t trade stocks before this global pandemic, please don’t try to start now with convoluted systems that you don’t understand. Sure, you can buy stocks of companies that you feel are at a low price. I use Wealthsimple and Questrade if you want to start investing.
  • Pyramid schemes. Don’t try selling tea to your friends and family. Nobody’s in the mood to get scammed right now.

Those are best options for how to make extra money right now. It’s going to be a rough few months, but we may be able to stumble upon a new side hustle idea that brings in some decent money. Let me know how you plan on making more money and leave me a comment so that I can help you get started.

2 thoughts on “How to Make Extra Money Right Now To Survive This Global Pandemic”

  1. Hi Martin. This is a really useful post offering realistic tips on doing something to bring in a little extra right now.

    We’re all feeling overwhelmed in one way or another and practically everyone has taken some sort of hit from the coronavirus. Part of this overwhelm, certainly for me, is a sense of loss of control. It’s natural to feel we can’t influence what happens to us when a major event like this arises. Actually even minor events that knock us off course have the same effect over our sense of control. At present we’re affected by an event we’ve never seen before, so a natural response is to feel listless and unable to influence the direction of our lives.

    Your tips provide ways in which we might supplement lost earnings. But more important than this to me is they potentially provide a way to try to regain a sense of control. Our mental health is super-important, and perhaps taking action in the ways you discuss can help here.

    Like all of your posts, I enjoyed reading this. Many discussions around coronavirus are doom-laden and focus upon things we can’t do anything about. It’s good to read discussions promoting something that we can take action upon.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Paul. All the we can do right now is focus on what we can control and ignore everything else. The news isn’t good and we can’t be falsely optimistic. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be proactive.

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