One Simple Action That Will Bring in More Money For You

Ever wonder how you can make money money with simply spending a few bucks at first? Do you wish that you could earn more moolah to save up more, pay off debt, and enjoy life?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

As you know by now, I’m all about using your 20s to be financially free by 30. I want you to pay off your debt, find a job that you enjoy, go on some trips, and not be damn miserable. Life’s too short to stay in and complain or to always be in debt. Why the hell would you want to be broke?

This is why I believe in doing whatever you can to make more money and save more of it.

My go-to financial advice on increasing your income is simple: invest in yourself!

This one simple action will go a long way to helping you out for the rest of your life.

This then leads to the obvious…

How the hell do I invest in myself? How do I know if it’s worth it?

I wanted to introduce the two-step method for investing in yourself that I follow…

Step #1: Figure out how you can improve your quality of life, income, or anything!

What courses can you take? How can you upgrade your skillset? Can you meet someone cool? Can you go somewhere to meet interesting cats?

These questions alone will lead to multiple answers. The rick for you is to narrow this list down depending on your finances.

When I was in school I stuck to taking out successful people for coffee, lunch, or for a beer.

When I finished school, I took other courses that would help me grow my business and just be better in general.

What I’ve learned is that you have to assess the value of the investment beforehand. The rules of assessment are simple:

If it’s under $100 then it’s really not a big deal because you’ll at least come out with a story.

If it’s over $100 or a course, then you really need to think about the desire result that could come out of this.

Let’s say for example a $400 personal training course. You could learn how to train others and how to get yourself in shape. Sounds like a good idea to me.

If the course is vague or doesn’t offer specific results, then it’s just not worth it usually. You want to see specific results. You don’t want to go broke or add to your debt. You want to make more money to save up for your financial freedom.

What’s next? The action of investing in yourself is simple. But what do you do next?

Step #2: Put the time, money, and work in.

Now you just have to show up. This is where you do the work, show up, and make things happen. This is where you throw the excuses out and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You do whatever it takes to increase your income.

I don’t want to get into too many details because it depends on what you choose to do here.

If you take a course to upgrade your skills at your current job, then you better do your best to complete it.

If you take someone out for coffee, you should have fun with it. There’s no script or rules to follow.

This one simple action of investing in yourself will pay off handsomely in the future. Don’t waste any time. Take $100 and invest it in yourself.

You can try any of the following quick ideas:

  • Take a successful person out for coffee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The more friends you make, the better off you’ll be.
  • Attend a conference. Are there any events coming up? Do NOT miss them!
  • Start a blog. You can easily start a site in 10 minutes and then share your ideas with the world.
  • Take a certificate course. Are there any courses that you can take? There’s always a way to upgrade your skills.
  • ANYTHING! Stop waiting around. Find a way to spend a dollar today to make two dollars tomorrow.

What are you waiting for?

Here’s the challenge: I want you to take $100 and invest it in yourself this weekend.

You can sign up with Bluehost for your own domain, enrol in a course, or take someone out. The choice is yours.

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