How You Can Start a Business Right Now With $1,000

Is blogging the best small business to start? Perhaps.

How much does it cost to start a business? The title gives it away. You can easily start an online business right now with less than $1,000.

Can you actually do something with $1,000? This is usually what it costs for a one week getaway to a warm destination. This is what you might spend on going out over a few months. It’s roughly what a college course might cost you.

One grand is also the amount that you can spend on getting a nice side business off the ground.

As much fun as it is to keep your money in your checking account for when you need it, you can also you use your resources to get to the next level.

How you can start making money on the side with less than $1,000 to invest:

Sign up for hosting.

I pay $6.95 monthly for my hosting. I signed up and just decided to fork over the 2-year discounted rate in one shot. I didn’t put any thought into this decision to be honest as I signed up with the first hosting company I could find. I just wanted to register my domain name and get started with helping others with their finances.

Buy a domain.

With Blue Host I purchased my domain for $10. A domain name is cheap to register, the only problem is that all of the good names are all taken by now. Unless you think of a unique name (Studenomics!) or you want to start a blog about yourself using your full name, you’re going to have to play around with domain names for a bit. Once you find a name that fits your mold, you can begin with the actual work.

Get a slick logo/design.

This is where you’ll spend the majority of your money. Some will tell you that this doesn’t matter. I personally really can’t see you getting a new blog off the ground without making it look somewhat interesting. You can check out or elance to find someone to do this work for cheap.

Work to get your small business off the ground.

Now you need to invest some time and lose some sleep.

I think that every 20-something can benefit from starting a website of some sort. We spend so much time online on useless stuff that we can easily spare an hour here and there to work on something more meaningful than updating your Facebook relationship status. You can start off by writing about the topic that you talk about the most or even about yourself. Let’s break down these two options:

Writing about your favorite topic. This will guarantee that you stay motivated during the slow times. When you try to follow the money by focusing on lucrative topics it’s easy to get burned out or become disenchanted when the dollars don’t start rolling in. Immersing yourself in a topic that you really enjoy will make it a lot easier to forget about the lack of money.

Writing about yourself. This isn’t as conceited as it sounds. I’ve seen many creative folks on the internet use a blog as a resume. Twitter should hire me is an example of this. This beats any resume that I’ve ever seen.

There you go, with less than $1,000 you can have your own blog/potential side business up and running.

What are you waiting for? Before you say you have no time please remember that if you had enough time to read this post, then you have enough time to work on something on the side.

I hope I convinced you that blogging is the best small business to start.

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  1. This content creates a new hope and inspiration with in me. Thanks for sharing article like this. The way you have stated everything above is quite awesome. Keep blogging like this.

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