3 Questions College Students Need To Answer Before Earning Money

As you grow through college and think about how you will earn an income for the rest of your life it is really easy to draw a blank. In fact I do it all the time. I have a bunch of career ideas in my head one week then I talk to a person in the field and I decide that maybe those options are not for me and all of a sudden I draw a blank.

The good news is that there is one lecture from Entrepreneurship class that I will never forget. The professor that teaches the course is an entrepreneur himself and he loves to share his knowledge in the classroom setting. He often joked that the course was a discount for us since he charged plenty more money for his public speaking seminars. Enough of the introduction, time to go over the 3 questions college students need to answer before starting their career:

What can you be the best at?

Is there something you can do that nobody else can be as good as you? This may not be an idea you’re crazy about or one that sounds like a cash cow but something that you can be really great at. It’s usually something you’re born with and able to excel at an early age.

What drives your economic engine?

Is there a certain skill or activity that you have that could earn you tons of money? Some people have the uncanny ability to speak publicly or to play a certain instrument. These options lead to an income that will definitely drive your economic engine. The only thought you need to seriously ponder is if you are truly passionate by the means you can earn an income.

What are you passionate about?

This is the one where you won’t immediately see the financial benefits right off the bat. It’s a specific skill or piece of work that you would do for free but yet you could somehow earn a living off it. Some have the opportunity to play a sport for a living (very rare) while some get to write about topics they love for a living. If you can find a way to earn a decent income off an activity you’re passionate about then you will probably live a much more enjoyable life than the majority of your college buddies.

Whenever I have career doubts I pulled out a piece of paper and try to answer these 3 questions. I usually come up with a list consisting of many great ideas. Today it’s your turn!

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