The Solution For Finding The Perfect Idea

Are you waiting for that great idea to start a business with? Are you looking for the next breakout idea? Do you think that the only thing holding you back is a great idea? I’m here to tell you that ideas are worthless and taking action is priceless.

What’s the simple solution for finding the perfect idea? The simple answer is to start taking action. Waiting for that right idea will only delay action and hold us back. Searching for a new idea is often just an excuse to not do anything without feeling guilty about it. When you start taking action you start to move into new directions that will surprise you.

Generating ideas is the smart way to do things. It makes sense to explore your options and to know what ideas are out there. Brainstorming and keeping notes is very effective. However, brainstorming is completely different from waiting for a perfect idea that will never come to fruition.

Waiting for the perfect idea is a waste of time. It really is because that “perfect idea” will never come. I’ve been guilty of this way too many times. Just a few hours ago I caught myself searching for workout routines online. The problem is that I already have a great workout plan. That’s not my problem. My issues is my eating habits and eating out too often. Instead of worrying about finding the next great training plan, I need to tackle the real issue here.

Taking action simply trumps everything. When you don’t take any action, you won’t see any results. Everything is just hypothetical.

Now you might be thinking, what was the point of this article? I want you guys to get into the habit of taking action instead of waiting. When it doubt always take the next small step. This will take you much further than just complaining or not doing anything productive.

2 thoughts on “The Solution For Finding The Perfect Idea”

  1. Crystal @ Personal Loan Comparison

    I’m a huge fan of this point. I spent 4 years waiting for a perfect idea, then I just jumped into blogging and have been jumping into new online income ideas ever since. I am now a paid commenter, a full time blogger, a blog marketing manager, and a staff writer. Action is so much better than words and I am living proof. 🙂 Are any of my income ideas completely original? No. But I do them all well and my individuality keeps others interested. Just own it!

    1. You said it best Crystal. You’re living proof that action is key. If you don’t take action, everything you know will be theory. Theory is cool in college. Not when it comes to making money.

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