4 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Gold Digger

Looking for love in the wrong places can hurt you emotionally and financially. Luckily for you, I happen to write about personal finance and not relationship issues. This is why I wanted to cover the idea of recognizing when you’re girlfriend is a gold digger that’s just not in it for the love.

If you realize that your girlfriend is a gold digger, you really need to consider looking for another girlfriend. It’s time to look at four signs that you’re looking for love in the wrong places. 

1. She’s concerned with your financial status all of the time.

It’s great to be held accountable for your spending, but your new girlfriend shouldn’t be asking about your mutual fund investments. She should also not have any access to your banking statements or to any of your assets. Your money is your money until you get married. For now, the person that you date shouldn’t be creeping around your financial records. If your new girlfriend is always asking about your savings, you got a problem on your hands.

2. Your girlfriend’s standard of living is unrealistic.

We all know that chick. Can’t hold a job, but still manages to wear a $200 purse. Does your girlfriend always want you to take her out? I love to spoil myself by eating out and also by checking out new restaurants in town. Unfortunately, doing this a few times a week is usually not a good idea for your wallet, especially when you have to pay for two!

3. You’re always paying for dates with your girlfriend.

To go along with the previous point, are you always paying for everything? Why? It’s always nice to spoil the person that you’re dating, but your pockets shouldn’t feel lonely all of the time. If you find yourself paying all of the time for everything possible, I’m thinking that you’re dating a gold digger.

4. Your girlfriend always asks for gifts.

A gift can be a nice surprise when you put some thought into it. For example, you happen to be at the store when you find the perfect gift for someone and you really want to surprise them because you want to make their day, then that’s sweet. Being asked by your girlfriend for gifts that you’re going to have to pay for with your student credit card is a sign that you’re with a gold digger. I suggest you save your money and run away.

Are you looking for love in the wrong places?

3 thoughts on “4 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Gold Digger”

  1. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 3 months. She wants us to open a joint account ant she is unemployed.

  2. AdviceGrabber340

    I recently landed a very well paying job and I still have a few months in college(Masters). I started talking to this person only later, via video calls, because we lived far away. And she might have had an idea that I might have landed a really well paying job due to the college I’m enrolled in.
    I only shared my compensation amount with her after we both professed our love for each other. I know I made a big mistake by telling her that, but it happened… Please read the following in entirety before judging the person.

    We met after half a month or so. She is definitely pretty hot, but I am no slouch either. She paid for some bills when we went out, and also on transport. Lots and lots of sex was also involved. We did amazing things together, but I think some things felt a little weird when she asked me if I would be giving her gifts after I get employed. Also that her ex-boyfriend only ever got her presents once. Also expects me to pay more in rent if she has to come to my city to work and live together with me saying it is more expensive in my city and that she can’t afford it(She admitted it after a lot of heated arguments). It has only been a month and a half being in a relationship with her and we made plans to marry and all, but she already tells me the kind of ring she wants and also that she wants presents from me and all.

    When she told me once that she’ll be taking money from me and I asked, “Why would you?”, she was furious and had a huge fight over how much I hurt her and how I could expect her to change her work city for me if I wouldn’t help her pay. She even went as far as saying, “I don’t trust you anymore and won’t even take a step in that city for you.”
    Then, I had to pacify her by coming up with an alternate plan where I do most of the paying in rent(after a few months of my employment) and also when I told her that I won’t be paying for very expensive gifts, but only small things and comforts. Just that I would keep life comfortable for her. Also she openly told that she is not interested in climbing the corporate ladder or even work hard for promotions.

    Please advice if I am dating a gold digger, or am I over-reacting to a normal request due to past experiences from a bad boyfriend.

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