Jersey Shore Life: The True Cost of GTL

Do you watch Jersey Shore? Do you ever wonder how much it costs to live the Jersey Shore lifestyle?

The ratings for Jersey Shore have been through the roof ever since the show started. The show is a guilty pleasure for the majority of us. We watch it to see what kind of foolishness will happen next.

Due to the popularity of the Jersey Shore I’ve been meaning to write this post for the longest time. Let’s look at the true cost of GTL and what it takes to live the Jersey Shore lifestyle:

Looking for gym membership prices.

The actual gym membership.

Gym membership prices depend on the type of gym you want to attend. The more hardcore gym-dudes will try out a home gym setup with the P90X workout or some sort of free weight training. Anyone that lives the Jersey Shore lifestyle will typically attend the hot spot gym in town. This is usually the gym that everyone in town attends. As a result, the memberships are usually a bit higher.

Gym memberships also vary on the services offered. You looking for MMA classes? You want a swimming pool? You want a sauna? These are all going to cost you extra. When I was attending a bare-bones gym I paid $35 a month. I now attend a gym with an unlimited MMA feature (which I use at least 5 times a week) and it costs me $72 a month. A much steeper price but I feel that I get my money’s worth. It’s kind of difficult to learn kick boxing on your own.

The gym membership can become a waste of money when you sign up for an annual contract and rarely go. This is when fitness impacts your finances.

Workout clothing.

I never cared much for workout apparel. I’ve always been the type of dude that just works out in anything. If you want the whole gym look and want to train in gym apparel it’s going to cost you a decent amount. You’re looking at:

  • Running shoes. Running shoes aren’t cheap at all. You’re easily looking at a $100 for a decent pair of Nike’s.
  • Workout clothing. I’ve purchased a few Under Armour training shirts at $40 a piece. Grab a few of these and some fancy track pants, and you’re going to be down a few hundred bucks or so.
  • Extras. There are many extras you need to consider. From an iPod holder to a water jug. The extra expenses can creep up on you.

Supplements and food.

Eating right and trying to gain muscle mass is not cheap these days. You’re likely going to have to wait until you’re done with college to start putting this much money into your meals. Consuming enough calories to turn into a juice-head/gorilla is even more challenging. It will require a plethora of protein powders, chicken, tuna, steak, and other sources of high protein.

Supplements really depend on what you’re willing to take. Creatine and protein powders can take a toll on your wallet when consumed on a consistent basis. If you want to take shortcuts to see rapid results, then you’re really going to feel it in your wallet.

The cost of tanning.

Monthly tanning package.

Anyone that’s heavily immersed in the Jersey Shore lifestyle will likely have a monthly tanning package for unlimited sessions. These plans can easily start off at $70/month and taper off at some unfathomable amount. Rumor has it that Pauly D has a tanning bed in his home. Those are also not cheap.

Tanning lotion.

Lotion can start off at $15 for a bottle and from there the prices just sky rocket. The paradox of choice really comes into play here as you find yourself debating between intense bronzer and natural dark look. You can easily spend up to a $100 on a bottle of tanning lotion.

The cost of laundry at the Jersey Shore.

Laundromat fees.

I do my own laundry at home so I’m not sure on the exact prices here. The few times that I’ve gone to the laundromat I believe I’ve spent $4-5 for the washing and drying of a few loads.

Detergent/fabric softener.

If you’re going clubbing in a few hours you’re going to want your clothes feeling fresh and smelling smooth. You’re going to need to the right laundry products to get this done.

Others costs to the Jersey Shore Lifestyle.


As you may have noticed all of this stuff takes a long time. A father of three or the busy young professional moving up the ranks likely can’t live the Jersey Shore lifestyle. When devoting yourself to the Jersey Shore lifestyle you’re going to have to free up your schedule.

Going out.

The culmination of all of this results in hitting the clubs. This is where money can be blown in preposterous amounts. Between the cover charge and over priced drinks you can surely spend about $100 a night. This doesn’t include any of the clothes you buy to wear out or any of the late night snacking.

It looks like living the Jersey Shore lifestyle can make you go broke. You might have to hire a financial planner to figure out where all of your money went when you’re done. What do you think?


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