Killer first date ideas so that you don’t end up broke and lonely

Imagine this situation:

You land a first date with that girl that you’re crazy about after finally building up the courage to throw out that offer. You’re excited and ready to go.

…Then it hits you that you’re not that rich and that you don’t know where to go. What do you do?

The best first date ideas

My buddy Trevor was panicking about where to take a young lady on a first date. It took him forever to land any sort of date. Now he didn’t know what to do. Imagine applying for multiple jobs and not hearing anything back for years. Then you finally get called in for an interview. It’s easy to freak out. This is why we decided to dedicate an entire episode of Studenomics TV and an article to first dates and money.

The biggest issue for most when they get into the world of personal finance is trying to balance between saving and spending. Should you always save money? Are you ever allowed to spend money? What if you enjoy spending money? What if you like to save? What if you actually still want to have fun?

The one area that gets impacted the most is dating.

There are all kinds of case studies about someone who saved money by never going on a date for a year. Then we all have that friend with a spending problem on their social life. You obviously don’t want to be a hermit nor do you want to go broke because of your love life.

Studenomics doesn’t shy away from any topic.

What are some tips for that first date?

“Netflix and chill.”

This will be the answer to when kids will start asking their parents in twenty years how they met. Unfortunately, most first dates won’t agree to this offer.

I’m at the age now (28) where people are becoming boring. I mean like really boring. They have routines and they don’t stray from the ordinary. I don’t want you to become boring just because your friends have thrown in the towel. You should never settle. Don’t give up on dating just because you want to save money or pay off debt.

A first date is totally different from a date when you’re dating. A first date is almost like a job interview in the sense that you want to leave a great impression and you’re likely pretty nervous.

The absolute goal is to keep it quick, cheap, and fun. You shouldn’t spend $200 on an expensive dinner. You shouldn’t be together for that long because you don’t even know if you like each other yet. You want to have fun and show that you’re someone others want to be around.

Here’s an extensive list of amazing date (first or in general) options:

  • Cooking class.
  • Dance lessons.
  • Comedy club.
  • Driving range.
  • A local walking tour.
  • Trampoline park.
  • Go-carts.
  • Mini-golf.
  • A bottle of wine by the lake.

*Dinner isn’t on this list. The video covers these ideas in a more entertaining fashion.

How do you make a date fun?

The first rule is to stop texting so much before the date actually happens. Learn how to use your phone to actually call someone. Call the person up and tell them to clear their schedule. Make the plans. Generate some excitement. Don’t make it awkward. Don’t check in multiple times during the week. Most of us talk too much. We fail before we even start. Don’t be one of these people. Set the plans and let go.

Before you do anything else, you need to become more interesting. The world has enough boring people. Live a life where people actually want to hear about what you’re up to. Then learn to let others talk. Then plan fun activities for your first dates.

A quick summary:

  1. Be fun and interesting.
  2. Don’t just talk about yourself.
  3. Plan awesome dates based around little awkwardness (all covered in the video).

There’s just one more important topic that needs to covered here on a personal finance blog…

What’s the deal with paying for dates?

“Did you pay for the date?”

A friend confronted me once. I honestly don’t mind paying for the first date. I also try to keep it simple the first time around.

The trick is to look out for intent. Does the person even offer? Do they disappear when the bill shows up? The worst sign is when someone suggest expensive options and then doesn’t even offer to pay. You have to run at that point. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about that if it’s just a first date. I hope that $20 out at a comedy club doesn’t break the bank.

I don’t want to get too technical here because every situation is different. I don’t know what your financial status is. I really do hope that if you’re an avid reader of Studenomics that you have your money saved up, are working towards increasing your income, and can afford to drop $30 for a fun night out. If you’re not there yet, then get there. Stop with the excuses. Money impacts every single area of your life.

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If you’re stressing about your finances before a date, you might want to focus on increasing your income. Either way, I got your back. I don’t want you to be broke and lonely. Your 20s are supposed to be the most exciting years of your life. Get out there and create some stories that you’re never going to share with your future children.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that a first date is like a job interview. I have a first date with a girl I matched with online this weekend and I’m wanting it to go well. It’s probably a good idea to do something simple like going out to ice cream for our first date.

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