One Place Students Shouldn’t Spend Money Ever (and the solution)

Are you getting hit with checking account fees? Are you paying banking fees that you can’t even explain? Are you tired of being ripped off?

As a college student this fall term you’re going to be hit with some killer fees coming out of nowhere. From those random lab sessions that actually cost money to the very expensive textbooks. You’re going to lose some decent money. You’re going to spend more money than you have coming in.

There’s one place that college students should never spend money. What is this?

(I sort of spoiled it earlier)

You should never spend money on your checking account as a student. You get nickel-and-dimed to death as it is. You should not be paying random fees to your checking account just to access your money.

In between reading about new kettlebell workouts and about interesting travel destinations, I read about online checking accounts. Yes, I’m cool like that.

I found a quote on checking accounts in an article that surprised me:

“Consumers are expected to wade through long, confusing documents and may be subject to steep, unexpected fees to access their own checking accounts, the cornerstone of household financial management” — Susan Weinstock in an article on CNN Money.

That sucks. You have to spend money to use your money. As a college student this is a huge pain. You get charged fees to access the little bit of money that you have (or no money in some cases).

What can you do about checking accounts as a student?

Find a free checking account.

It’s that simple. This isn’t rocket science. This is the simplest article on here.

I’ve already asked you about wanting more out of your checking account. Nobody wants to be drilled with random fees. We all want simplicity. A debit card should not be a problem. This is your money. You deserve to access it.

For me it makes no sense to have limited access to your checking account. You should find a free checking account that respects your money and your tough financial situation as a student. There are enough banks with free checking out there that you don’t have to stick with the one that rips you off on a monthly basis.

What are your options for your money as a student?

You have plenty of options for your money as a student, even as a broke student. Don’t be ashamed because you have barely any money. That’s the fun part of being in college. Trying to have a insanely fun night with a near-empty checking account is a priceless experience.

There’s always Capital One 360. The account that I use to this day.

You have unlimited access to your money, get a stack of checks for free, don’t pay any fees, and can create as many sub-accounts as you want.

I hope by the end of this article, you believe me that as a student you should never be spending your money on random checking account fees.

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