The Most Dangerous Habit That’s Ruining Your 20s (and how-to fix it today!)

Do you finish what you start?

Dangerous Habits

I asked a reader this. I was able to relate to the reader when they confessed that they rarely finished what they started. Every single person reading this is guilty of not finishing what they start consistently.

One thing that I hate about myself (obviously not my looks!) is the fact that I don’t always finish what I start.

I have so many half-written articles. So many guides that need editing. So many workout programs that I never completed.

It frustrates me.

So what do I do? I take on a new challenge without fully mastering the previous goal. I start writing the next article. I go after the next task. I set a new challenge for myself.

So what’s the most dangerous habit to have in your 20s?

Not following through on your plans and goals. You have to finish what you start and you have to start what you plan on doing.

Not launching is the worst thing that you could do.

I always wanted to help people and start an online business, but I didn’t know what to do. It took me forever to get Studenomics off the ground. I stalled and killed time and I made excuses.

I didn’t do anything until I was sitting at home alone one Friday night because my girlfriend was busy and my friends were busy. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t be bored again. So I launched Studenomics on November 7th of 2008. I then realized that the site sucks. I then learned everything on-the-job and took things from there.

Many projects took me forever to get off the ground. Some goals I completely abandoned. Others are half-way done.

*All three scenarios are pathetic! You need to launch and then finish what you start.

You can break this dangerous habit!

Why am I writing about this? Because I went from talker to doer and I’m damn proud. I don’t want you to fall victim to this dangerous habit in your 20s. This will hold you back from financial freedom and every other goal.

How can we become financially free if we don’t take risks, see our goals through, or just finish the things we start?

I have to remind myself of this all of the time.

I could never get around to asking out a girl I liked in high school or my 20s. Now I’m writing about the instant makeout technique.

I could never start a business. Now I help people with launching.

You might be slacking off right now and looking for more motivational quotes to read. Next month, you could be launching something cool.

Keep on reading…

How do you break this habit?

“If you don’t ship, you actually haven’t started anything at all. At some point, your work has to intersect with the market. At some point, you need feedback as to whether or not it worked. Otherwise, it’s merely a hobby.” — Seth Godin

You have to launch.

How do you make progress today?

I don’t know. I just chugged two cups of coffee and am all over the place. However, I know that copious amounts of caffeine alone won’t help!

Here’s the system that I’ve stolen from Tim Ferriss and modified a bit (check out the article for his system). I use this system when I want to finally launch something or when I’m struggling to complete a colossal task.

  1. Wake up a bit earlier and chug some coffee (lots of it).
  2. Write down 3-5 things that have been on your mind forever. These must be things that are making you uncomfortable or anxious.
  3. Ask yourself how amazing it would feel if you accomplished this today and could cross one of these items off the list.
  4. Break this list down and analyze it. See what you could do today.
  5. Go after one item during a 2-3 hour period where you block everything else out. Do everything possible to finish this item. It could be a new launch or finishing a previous project. GET IT DONE!

Ferriss concludes that article with:

“What you do is more important than how you do everything else, and doing something well does not make it important.”

The key here is to focus in on one major project on a daily basis. This way you don’t waste time pretending to be busy all over the place with zero focus.

Do you have 2-3 hours to spare on that uncomfortable goal today?

Are you ready to break this dangerous habit and launch?

You better be!

I’m here to help you launch something and to see it through. For more details, check out the link below.

I’m ready to take on a few trailblazers that are ready to launch something. I’ll hold your hand and help you finally launch. If you’re serious about launching, I’m serious about helping you.

What’s it going to be? The ball is in your court. Will you keep on wasting time or will you finally take action?

How good would it feel to finally launch that new business or start that new hobby? It’s going to feel a ton better than living with regrets for the rest of your life.

Break this dangerous habit right now. Enjoy your 20s. Never look back and wish you gave it your best but you didn’t because you held yourself back.

6 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Habit That’s Ruining Your 20s (and how-to fix it today!)”

  1. I don’t know if you made it to Jeff Goins’ key note but he talked a lot about the idea of “finishing” which I thought was pretty powerful. I start a lot of things, but it’s only the few things I really stick to and see through that wind up being my most successful projects.

    1. I missed his talk due to Bourbon Street! I’m waiting for it to become available online.

      I’m in the same boat Stefanie. Too many projects are started that don’t get finished. The Ferriss system is the only one that works. What works for you?

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