What Nobody Will Tell You About The Economy

Are you worried about economic problems? Is the economy holding you back from making more money?

Let’s start off this article with a common scenario. You’re sitting around with a bunch of casual friends or strangers just chatting away about work, life, and whatever else pops up as the drinks start flowing. Then someone will mention something about how the economy sucks. Then they will start to blame the economy for their problems and the current situation that they happen to be in. This person can’t accomplish their goals as a result of the economy. They decide to bash the economic problems for their financial problems.

Everyone at the table will nod and agree. The economy sucks and there’s nothing that we can do about it, right? It’s much easier to just complain about economic problems.

Actually, blaming the economy for your problems is the worst way to live life in your 20s. That sort of thinking will get you absolutely nowhere. Blaming someone else for your problems is dangerous and will leave to you never taking ownership for your mistakes.

What’s something that nobody will tell you about the economy as you graduate from college?

You can still make money and enjoy yourself if you’re good at what you do in this economy or any other economy.

I’ll be the first to admit that the economy isn’t all that great right now. That’s not a secret by any stretch. What seems to be a secret to some is that you can still make money and find a job. You don’t have to rush back to school during a recession just to upgrade your skills. You don’t have to bash the economy and accept mediocre results.

What’s my proof for saying that you can still make money despite the economic issues?

Look around you. Look at all of the people out there making good money. Do you read monthly blog income reports? Do you see how packed the malls and night clubs are? I recently shared how I went to Cancun and there were thousands of people in the night clubs in January all waiting in line to hand over $60 just to get in. Despite all of the economic issues going on we could still find time to party in Cancun. These people all must be making money somehow. If other young people can make money and afford to travel, why can’t you?

The thing is that economic issues will always exist.

I urge you to stop stressing about economic news. The truth is that you’ll always find more reasons why you can’t do something over why you can actually do it.

You can always blame the recession for going back to school or for not being able to find the dream job, but then you have to wonder why others have been able to succeed if the recession is so tough.

This post was designed to be a reminder to those of you that are stressing out about the economy. I’m curious if you even know what you’re complaining about? Is it worth complaining about the economy? I personally believe in focusing on what I can control and ignoring the rest. Good luck.

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