Get Rich Quick Scams Will Get You Nowhere

Have you heard about get rich quick ideas?

Who in their right mind would want to work hard for their money? You’ll notice from reading my articles that I stress that this website is for people who are willing to work for their money, not people who wish to inherit or win money.

You want to learn how to get rich quick? Go talk to a winner of Survivor or the lottery because I don’t know anyone else that has gotten rich quick.

With that being said this article won’t help you make a fortune in 2 months or retire in 5 years. I want everyone reading this to know that all of those flyers, advertisements, and infomercials promoting that you could make a ridiculous sum of money in no time are a complete scam. They usually have a membership or joining fee which is non-refundable and is nothing but a complete loss. The people who run these scams are making their money from people who are desperate to make quick cash, and as a result their greed hinders their ability to turn on their sensors.

Problem with get rich quick scams is…

If the advertisement states that it could should anyone how to become a millionaire then why aren’t there more millionaires around you?

The answer is, it is a very time-consuming and difficult process. If the person behind the ads claims to be able to help you get rich, then why are they not rich? Even when those kind of people claim they are rich, what is their proof? Anyone can claim to be rich and be able to help you get rich, but I have not once seen or spoken to anyone that has used one of these methods to get rich. You can start an online business or upgrade your skills if you really want to take some serious moves.

The truth with get rich quick ideas…

The unfortunate truth is that get rich quick schemes are a complete scam and the only way you are going to make money is by working (doesn’t have to be hard, many jobs out there are easy). The good news is that the sooner you are willing to accept this information, the sooner you will be able to start earning and saving money.

Why is getting rich quick so popular?

We look at other people, such as our parents, friend’s parents, neighbours, successful people, etc. and envy all of their possessions. We wish that we could have the same or better possessions as these people right away.

The problem with this thinking is that we forget one crucial element. These people worked hard their whole lives to have what they currently have and to destroy debt.

Just because you’re in your 20s and you possess strong credentials (education, skilled trade, etc.) it doesn’t mean that you’ll instantaneously become rich. It just means that you have the ability to earn a lot of money working in a position that you enjoy. You will have to go through the same hardships that most people go through.

You’ll have to learn how to budget, manage debt, get out of debt, save for the future, invest in real estate, and the list can go on forever. The point is that the rest of your life is about to begin, so do not waste it looking for get rich quick schemes. Focus your time on finding an income source that truly motivates you to wake up every morning and work. Better yet, you can focus your time on forming a legitimate small business that will allow you to excel at what your best at.

To summarize the point of this article: think of the big picture when it comes to get rich quick schemes. Imagine being an early retiree who enjoys life or a 40 year old father who lives in a nice home with a financially secure family. If you want to be young forever then imagine being 40 years old and travelling down south a couple of times a year. The point is put in your time and work into what you are great at, not get rich quick schemes.

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