Best Way To Invest Money For Ambitious 20 Somethings

College students and twenty somethings are always looking into where to invest their money. Chances are that’s how you found Studenomics.

What is the best way to invest money for ambitious college students?

Pay others to learn 100% valuable information that you would never otherwise learn.

There are two ways you can make this investment.

Method #1: Spending money on reading high quality/high ROI material.

Investing money in a book is a bit different than investing in stocks or bonds. The potential return is 100% dependent on what you do with the ideas you pick up.

If you have money that you’re willing to invest then at least a portion of that should be spent on reading quality books. Instead of making rookie mistakes (which we will all make) try to learn from others’ mistakes. Whether the information comes from online journals, blogs, or paid books, your new found knowledge will benefit you for years.

Instead of complaining about the price of the book you need to take the opposite stance.

You should set goals to apply as much advice as possible from the book to ensure that the return on your investment is greater than any stock in the history of the stock market. What am I crazy? Hear me out for a second. If you buy a book for $15 on money saving or optimizing your spending, don’t complain about the price. Try to apply the tips from the book to your life until you find your investment in the book has grown exponentially.

Think about- if a $15 book helps you save $200 a month, That’s one hell of a return on your investment.

Method #2: Spending time & money on networking with successful people.

Once you acquire knowledge through written material there is one more place you should invest your money.

Before you dive into the stock market or into real estate investments you need to invest your money into meeting the right people and establishing a strong network. A strong network will help you more than saving lots of money or than any piece of paper in the world.

The best way to invest your money in college or shortly after you graduate is to network with professionals in your dream field. I call it your “dream field” because at the moment you are not in it and who knows when you will enter it?

How do you meet these professional in your dream field? Before you try calling the office of Bill Gates you need to open your eyes and look around you. Look at your neighbors, relatives, friends of friends, professors, etc. Most of these people are more than willing to sit down with you for lunch to answer your questions. Who turns down a free lunch or free coffee?

Most night clubs charge about a $10 cover charge and 7$ a beer. Why not spend $10 to buy a latte for you and a professional you would love to network with?

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