How-to Curb Your Summer Spending By 56%

Anybody else have trouble saving money in the summer? I certainly do.

All the money spent on summer clothing, summer sports, and on activities (camping, barbecues, backyard parties, etc.) that simply can not be enjoyed in most areas of the world during the other seasons. When you were kid you probably spent your summer at camp but now that you’re an adult you have so many options that you end up broke by the time fall rolls around.

Do you want to curb your summer time spending by 56%? Is this even possible? Well I don’t know about the 56%, I just made that up because I love when advertisers promise to help you increase your earnings by X% or cut spending by X% so I figured I would pull a number out of the air for fun. I just wanted to start off the week by sharing a few tips with you guys on how you can save some money this summer!

1. Carry cold water. I don’t know where this whole myth of cold beer on a hot day started but it makes no sense. The sun drains you and beer dehydrates you- not exactly the perfect combination. Don’t get me wrong I love drinking beers where it’s warm outside but I usually wait for the sun to go down to enjoy my beers. When the sun is up I carry plenty of cold water to keep me hydrated all day.

2. Enjoy public pools. When the beach is too far then hit up the local public pool. I try to go during the adult swim hours because there’s no little kids peeing in the pool and making noise while I swim my laps. Unfortunately I can’t practice what I preach this summer because there’s a public strike in my city and the pools have been closed because lifeguard’s are in that same striking union.

3. Try taking a summer school course. I know this might come off as horrible advice but as I write this all I can think about is my quiz today (Monday). If you choose to live in your dorm room during the summer months then you might as well take advantage of this opportunity by taking a summer school course. If you’re a college graduate then you could always upgrade your skills by taking a course at your community college. Sounds lame I know but sometimes we need something to keep ourselves busy so we don’t go off spending money foolishly.

4. Move away from your college dorm for the summer. Sure staying in your college dorm room for the summer can be a really fun experience but think of the money you can save by moving back home with your family. Not only that but I’m pretty sure your parents would have a few words for you if you tried avoiding them all year round by hiding out in your dorm room in the summer.

5. Pick up more shifts. Part time jobs in the summer are fairly easy to find due to all of the various different seasonal jobs and the vacations taken by full time employees in most companies. There’s no better way to improve your financial situation than by earning an additional income. Believe me there are times where the last place on Earth I want to be is at work, but by picking up more shifts I’m available to save up for a vacation sooner. This way I save money by not going out and I earn an income by picking up more shifts, at the end of the day I have more money to devote to something that I love- traveling. You could argue that traveling is costly but that is my conscious money spending plan which I see plenty of value in.

What are doing to save money this summer?

photo: markhilary

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