23 Quick Tips Every Saver Needs to Know

Are you into saving money? Are you looking for a quick cheat sheet to help you out?

A while back, I bragged/shared how I was able to save $25,000 in my savings account. I discussed the long-term strategy and all of the deeper-level stuff. Today I wanted to jump into some quick tips on the topic of saving more money.

These are my top 23 quick tips for saving more money!

1. Pay yourself first. Don’t trust yourself with your money. Have it put away by paying yourself first. This will always work. Guaranteed!

2. Watch how much you spend on food. Food can be a killer on your budget (it is for me). You need to find ways to be a little creative to save money on food and stop going broke because of those meals out.

3. Carry a bottle of water around. It always helps to be hydrated and to have water on you. I always have a case in the car. The other day I bought a case of 12 bottles for less than $2. It sure beats stopping for a soda.

4. Leave the car at home. Do you have to drive to work? Can you take the bus or ride your bike? A little exercise never hurt.

5. Buy off-season. While it’s tempting to load up in-season, the real savings come off-season. If you don’t care about brands and trends, you can save some huge money.

On that note…

6. The man makes the clothes. I used to spend so much money on clothes. Not anymore! I buy simple clothing that fits me will and I wear that damn shirt. That shirt doesn’t wear me!

7. You need to make more money to save more money. Have you tried freelancing? You can save more money if you find ways to make more money. Not rocket science, but it works.

8. Everything is negotiable. The answer is always going to be no if you don’t ask. Stop being so afraid. Ask questions  Ask for deals. I always ask for a deal. My friends will laugh sometimes. Other times they smile because we get deals just because I asked. Don’t be afraid to barter.

9. Try the 30-day rule. The rule is simple — wait a month before you buy something. This will help you decide if you really wanted it bad enough.

10. Always go for the bill. All this talk about saving money, it’s time to switch gears quickly. Don’t be cheap. Always go for the bill.

Back to saving…

11. Never shop hungry. Oh boy does this ever screw me over. I walk into the grocery store hungry and I leave with things I never expected to buy. Shopping hungry is a huge mistake. Eat before you shop.

12. Invite friends over for drinks. The bar is a good time, I won’t disagree. However, you can still have a blast at home. You don’t need to leave and spend a ton of money for a classic night.

13. Pre-drink! When you’re going out, you got to embrace the pre-drink. Get some drinks going. Share some laughs. Own the night.

14. Switch bank accounts. Stop spending money on fees that you don’t even understand. Join Capital One 360 and never spend a penny on fees ever again.

15. Delay a purchase. I’ve been doing this with the iPad for years. Every time I’m about to buy it, I delay the purchase. So far, I haven’t felt like I’m missing out or anything like that. Maybe one of these days I’ll grab the damn thing.

16. Spend less on your vices. We all have our vices, for some it is that slab of chocolate every day, for others it might be gambling. I love my vodka, but I realize that the expenses add up. If you can, try to save money on your vices. If not, then at least try.

17. Go for a workout when you’re bored. How many times have you spent money only because you were bored? I’ve done this way too many times. The trick is to distract yourself when bored. Go for a workout or do something physical. Do anything. Just avoid the mall! You might walk out with the newest iPad.

18. Sell your crap. I love selling my crap. I’ve hosted a yard sale every single summer the past few years. It’s amazing. People come to my place and pay me to get rid of my stuff. Sure, they might think that they can sell that old sweaty shirt for millions at some auction hunters reality show, but I don’t care. Good for them.

19. Throw your crap out. If you can’t sell everything because it has no value, then you have to throw it out. Stuff takes up space and it ends up owning you. Screw that! Free up your “home office.”

20. Grow your hair. Well, this isn’t really true. My friends say that I’m saving money by not cutting my hair because they think I’m trying to save money. The jokes on them because I could get free haircuts from my brother if I wanted to. I’m just choosing to grow my hair.

21. Consolidate your student loans. It might be time to consolidate your student loans to help you out with the payments.

22. Stop wearing condoms. Just kidding — or am I? The benefit of a steady partner/relationship is that you guys can trust each other.

23. Use a coin jar. The classic coin jar. This concept is simple enough. Setup a coin jar in your room. Toss your change in there. Let it add up. It beats throwing your change at people.

Those are my top ways for saving money that every saver needs to know. What would you add to this list?

2 thoughts on “23 Quick Tips Every Saver Needs to Know”

  1. If you just let yourself be, you’ll spend on food more than anything. Worse, you won’t even consume some of them, which is a pity and a total waste of money. Everything else, great tips to save.

  2. Don’t just stop buying condoms because you’re in a monogamous relationship. You may not have to worry about STI’s but unplanned pregnancies are still an issue. The financial burden of a child far outweighs the cost of condoms.

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