How Lifestyles Changes Make a HUGE Impact on Your Finances

If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to keep on getting what you’ve been getting.

If you keep on spending how you’ve been spending, your bank account will always remain the same.

If this is good, then kudos to you. If things suck right now, then they’re going to keep on sucking. Odds are that you’re not happy with your finances. You’re either in debt, not saving as much as you want to, or just flat-out frustrated with your situation.

Guess what?

You need to make some lifestyle changes to make a huge impact on your finances!

I’m sick and tired of hearing the same complaints. Since the person in question reads this blog, I won’t mention any names. I have a friend that always complains about the same damn issues.

The solution is simple: take some bold action and do something! Stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. We all know that’s called insanity.

I’ve been reading/writing a lot lately about lifestyle changes and how you can save money. We even looked at the impact of lifestyle on what you do.

Today, let’s take it a step further.

There are many quick tips for saving money that work. There are also many ways to alter your lifestyle to improve your dating and your money.

Saving money is totally possible and within reach for you, my kind reader. But let’s see what lifestyle changes will make a huge impact…

Stop trying so damn hard!

Being different is the new normal. It’s cool to be different, so stop being such a coward. Stop trying to fit in. You can save a ton of money and score some more dates if you’re not so desperate and needy.

Trying hard isn’t in any longer. I’m not sure it ever was.

What does this all mean? A lifestyle that’s filled with constantly trying to keep up and fit in will cost you a lot of money. You’re always going to have to buy something new. You’re always going to have to spend money.

And worst of all, there’s nothing attractive about someone that can’t make their own decisions.

This means that you don’t have to spend your full pay on brand names, expensive cars you have to finance, and gadgets that you don’t need.

Save your money and buy only the stuff that you need.

This then brings up an excellent question…

Should you be a minimalist?

Not really. It’s okay to have more than one t-shirt. I’m a fan of minimalism, but can’t embrace it all the way. I like to dress decent. I couldn’t embarrass myself by wearing a t-shirt to a wedding, shorts to church, or the same stained shirt for weeks.

However, I do understand why it works. I love to embrace minimalism wherever I can. I’m also a firm believer that experiences are better than things.

Look at my old room on moving day for example. It’s a mess, but everything was packed away into a few boxes. The clothes I didn’t plan on wearing any longer, I donated to charity.


Pretty simple, huh? It’s a bit messy because I was cleaning everything up.

You can easily embrace minimalism to help set you free. If you’re in debt it’s likely because you bought a bunch of crap that you didn’t need. Now it’s time to get ride of it. Selling stuff can be just as fun. I experienced this the past few summers by hosting yard sales. You will be surprised by what these auction shows have done to the worth of your old crap. People are thinking that you’re old drawer might be worth millions.

What are some additional lifestyle changes that will help you save some damn money?

I’m not going to give you hypotheticals. I want to share real tactics that WORK (unlike your drunk uncle).

Most financial experts have it wrong. They give out useless advice (never go out, buy second-hand clothes, and eat cans of tuna). I’m not a useless financial expert. I’ve been there and done it. I can out-party anyone and I also enjoy saving a buck or two.

What are some real lifestyle changes that can IMPACT you huge?

Hang out with friends that have similar views.

You’ll never save money if you friends are trying to convince you to spend your money constantly. Most of us struggle with our goals in our 20s because our support systems suck. I’m not saying that you should ditch your lifelong friends because there’s no way some dude online should be able to convince you to do that. I’m just suggesting that you find friends with similar goals.

Put your money away and spend the rest.

Here I am again sharing my go-to financial tip — pay yourself first.

This one tip alone will help you save money for the rest of your life. It has worked for all of my friends (the one that asked and listened). Save your money first. Spend the rest on whatever tickles your fancy.

Find cheap or free ways to do something expensive.

Luxuries don’t have to be expensive.

You can workout at home for cheap if you want to save money. You can go out without spending your paycheck. You can do everything for free or cheap.

Look at all of the frugal-travel blogs out there. There are people who travel who work minimum wage.

You don’t have to spend all of your money to have fun. A little creativity will go a long way.

What about the minor stuff?

I don’t see the point in tackling minor issues. I really do my best to go after the huge issues.

I’m going to keep on drinking coffee at Timmies. I dare you to stop me. I’m going to keep on eating out because I love good food.

Speaking of bigger issues, you know what pisses me of? When a smoker gives me health advice. Under my estimation there’s nothing worse than smoking. It costs way too much money and it kills. I’ve had relatives pass away from smoking. It makes me sick. The other day a smoker was scoffing at me for eating egg whites. They may taste nasty but are high in protein. There are bigger issues to fight. Egg whites won’t kill you. Smoking will. Fight the big battles. I would appreciate more those people who does vaping now instead of smoking. You know those portable vaporizers are becoming a trend now and a lot of people are making the switch because of the health benefits and savings observed by most people (Check out to learn about portable vaping). So if you think you can’t quit smoking, take baby steps and try those vaporizers.

You can keep on drinking your morning coffee. I don’t want you walking around like a zombie. Chug a second cup just to get a little wilder. Why not?

I suggest that you fight the bigger battles:

Crush debt.
Build credit score.
Don’t buy stupid stuff.
Don’t buy a house until you’re ready.

If you’re in debt, you need to destroy your debt. If your credit sucks, you need to improve it. If you keep on buying stupid things, you might have to put your money away into an account you can’t access. If you want to buy a home, run the calculations before you lose your pants.

The whole goal of this site will alway be financial freedom by 30. This could be freedom from student loans. Freedom from a crappy job. Or the freedom to travel and get silly.

What lifestyle changes have you made? Which ones are you willing to make?

4 thoughts on “How Lifestyles Changes Make a HUGE Impact on Your Finances”

  1. Great post Martin. I think it was Einstein who said that the definition of insanity was continuing to do that same things and expecting a different result.

    One of the biggest changes I’ve made in recent years was learning how to cook. Rather than eating fast food and processed food, I prepare my meals from basic ingredients. In addition to saving money on groceries, my health has also improved.

    1. That Einstein quote is a classic. That’s funny how you save so much money from cooking your own food. I think I’m the only person that spends more when I prepare my own meals lol!

  2. Biggest lifestyle change I’ve made is my move to USA. Financial reality is very different here than in the rest of the world. People here are paying high interest rates on their temporary vices. They don’t sit down and do the math. They see the house and they want it now.

    There are changes yet to happen for me, but it’s fairly easy to say “as an outsider” that people around here aren’t really financially savy, or marketers are particularly sneaky.

    1. Is it really that different from where you came from? It’s also funny because when I was in Cuba, the locals thought they we were all rich. I explained to them that some folks have so much credit card debt, that in fact those living in Cuba are richer.

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