Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

Is this the year that you’re going to be remembered for the most popular Christmas gifts?

Christmas is so close. The Christmas tree is up. You have read over my list of Christmas gift ideas that don’t suck and you have checked out my Christmas shopping tips to be the perfect Santa.

Unfortunately, as the big day gets closer you realize that you still have some Christmas shopping left to do (it happens to all of us).

Time to share some last-minute Christmas shopping tips to help you find that great Christmas gift idea…

Avoid busy times.

Is it just me or do all of the stupid people wait to come out this time of the year? I can’t stand most of the people I see in the mall during the Christmas shopping season. It seems like people are either walking too fast or too slow, either method getting in your way. If you plan on hitting a shopping mall on Christmas Eve then good luck to you. If you plan on going in the next few days then get down there first thing in the morning. You don’t want to spend 30 minutes looking for parking and another hour waiting in line. You can’t beat some of the last minute shipping deals when buying gifts online AND you can even find crazy stuff from stores like As Seen On TV.

Calm down you animal!

Last minute cramming for an exam can be very stressful. There is no need to create stress for Christmas shopping. Just because you waited for the last-minute to buy all of your Christmas gifts it doesn’t mean you have to be completely impatient. Take it easy. There is no need to get into any confrontations or arguments over unnecessary stress. You will buy all of the Christmas gifts. You might have to wait in line a bit longer but that’s the major downfall of waiting for the last-minute.

Don’t sign up for any credit cards when looking for great Christmas gift ideas.

Some may think this is coming out of left field but it does happen. It has happened to me a few times in the last little while (not the signing up part). Just as I’m checking out or even as I’m walking through the store, I’ll get offered a “special” store brand credit card. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these credit cards, they are just unnecessary.

How many times do you plan on returning to this store post-Christmas? Do you feel like dealing with the hassles of having to cancel the credit card? Do you really need any more credit cards in your wallet?

The problem is that when we are in a hurry and frantically searching for that most popular Christmas gift we become more vulnerable and susceptible to fall for such offers. Just remember that you are at the store to buy a Christmas gift not to sign up for another credit card.

That’s all for today guys. I put this post was inspired after talking with a few friends about Christmas gifts and how dreadful last-minute Christmas shopping can be. Time for your input! What do you do when you find yourself holiday shopping late? How do you still manage to pull off the most popular Christmas gift?

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  1. I have somehow managed to avoid the mall this year and I am super excited about it. I bought everything I need to get for my wife online. And at a discount thanks to some online coupon codes I found. I had to split it into three separate orders but I saved $30 on each order so it all works out in the end. I hate the crowds. I am a little claustrophobic to begin with and the crowds make me angry.

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