Pay For College: 4 Ways College Students Can Make Money Now

September is right around the corner, so this is a MUST READ month for all college students here at Studenomics! Please help spread the word about this blog and subscribe to my feed or subscribe by email to have a new post delivered to your mailbox many times a week!

Today I wanted to tackle the topic of how all college students can pay for college by making some money right now!

1. Sell all of your old textbooks for quick money

As soon as enrollment for courses begins my ads for the textbooks that I have to sale is going right up. Luckily I have been on the ball with selling my old textbooks so I only have a few books to get rid of. I plan on keeping my Labor Relations textbook because that’s probably the most interesting course I took last year. Other then that textbook everything else must go!

2. Apply for every scholarship/grant/bursary humanly possible

Part of the idea for this post was sparked by me finding my scholarship application on my table: nicely filled out and ready to hand in. No guarantee that I will receive any money but what do I have to lose by filling out a few forms? August until October is the most important time to keep an eye out for all forms of free money that college students can obtain. My scholarship application is ready and in early September I will be applying for my bursary. What form of tuition assistance will you try this college semester?

3. Stack up the hours at work

One month left for college students to start saving up aggressively before the school year begins. The last few weeks of August I plan on working as many shifts as possible in order to save up for the upcoming school year. This is especially helpful for all of the college students that do not work during the school year. I want as large of an emergency/entertainment fund as possible.

4. Find a job around your college campus

I’m still waiting for a decent job posting to open up around my college campus. If you can land a job on your college campus then you can start your college semester with the peace of mind that you will have a steady income until at least December. Jobs to look out for include: teaching assistant, administrative help, and anything in your department.

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