The Solution to Insane College Costs and Endless Frustration (The Studenomics MBA)

Are you ready for the best education ever? Do you want to figure life out in your 20s without the insane costs and endless frustration of college?

I somehow managed to earn my degree debt-free in business. I wanted to pursue an MBA. I was ready for more education because everyone knows that’s what you’re supposed to do in your 20s.

However, after extensive research, I decided to create my own graduate school program instead of spending a fortune on further education.

What to do after college

I found this article over at the Washington Post on the decline in the importance of a college education:

“One of the more surprising findings was the declining belief that a college education today is very important. Just four years ago, 75% of Americans held that belief. Now, less than 50% said a college education is very important today.”

This doesn’t prove much. It just shows how our views are slowly changing.

You don’t need a student mortgage. You don’t have to be in debt forever. You don’t need to be stuck in this bubble.

While I’m 100% all about higher education, I understand that school isn’t for everyone. I struggled throughout high school. I have no idea how I managed to earn a degree. I don’t want you to struggle. I don’t want you to spend a fortune on an education if you don’t have to. I want you to know that you can give yourself a world class education without digging yourself into debt.

According to this article over at Forbes…

“The numbers say it all: Since 1985, the price of college has increased a staggering 538%. Average student loan debt is approaching $30,000 per grad. And more than 50% of recent grads are either jobless or underemployed.”

That’s freaking scary. Imagine adding a few more years of debt to that by pursuing even more studies? Yikes!

Another similar article shared a scary comment from a young college graduate, Michael Bledsoe has he serves customers coffee in Seattle…

“I don’t even know what I’m looking for.”

I don’t want you to be miserable, broke, and pissed off at the world. I have a solution to college/graduate school/your confusion for you. It’s the Studenomics MBA.

How do you earn the Studenomics MBA?

This is a self-managed program based on years of experience, dozens of books that I read, hundreds of wild characters that I encountered, and lots of vodka. I’ve made it a point to learn from the best the past few years. The best part is that you can have a better life than me if you just start today.

You have to complete all of these in order to earn this degree.

This is no joke. No cheating. No shortcuts. No excuses.

Master a new skill.


I want you to pick up a new skill. This can range from learning the guitar to grappling. I don’t care what it is. I want you to master this skill. I want you to become good enough that you can start teaching others.

That picture is of me getting beat up in a pro wrestling match by a beast. Pro wrestling is just one of the many skills that I’ve tried to learn after college.

I want you pick one skill and go after it. I don’t care how outrageous it may seem.

What’s the point of this? 

You’re going to meet new people, boost your confidence, have something to focus on, and increase your overall worth. One year from now you could become a guitar instructor… Or, you could keep on reading blog articles.

Study a new language.

I’m a huge fan of languages. I want you to become conversational in another language.

Download Duolingo right now on your phone or just sign up with an account on your desktop. Follow me, Studenomics, and start learning a language.

[Must read: 9 free language learning online methods.]

What’s the point of this? 

By only speaking one language you’re limiting your dating options!

Okay, well, besides the obvious reason, who doesn’t want to learn another language? That’s like the ultimate sign of sophistication. Speaking multiple languages separates the men from the boys.

Start a business and/or make money on your own.

There’s a huge difference between freelancing and starting your own business. Either way, I want you to try one of these. I want you to make money on your own. I want you to see what it feels like to be in control of your own income, your own time, and your own options.

There’s nothing like working for yourself or at least making a few bucks in your spare time.

What’s the point of this? 

Starting a business or freelancing will teach you more than any textbook possibly could. Anyone can study theory, memorize laws, and regurgitate the same information over and over again. It takes a real trailblazer to grab life by the balls and start a business that actually makes money.

Study a successful person.

Do you know any successful people?

You need to find someone successful and study them. Hang out with them, pick their brain, and figure out what makes them so successful.

What’s the point of this?

You can skip a ton of heartbreak and failure by just learning from someone else. Everything you could possibly want to do has already been done by someone. Why not take the faster route to your goals?

Mentor someone.

You can’t just consume all of the information. You need to give back as well! You need to take someone under your wing and help them become great at something. You could be a general mentor, help someone out in a sport you’re good at, or just be a helpful friend to someone.

What’s the point of this? 

You’ll learn a lot by giving back and helping someone out.

Travel by yourself.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Travel the world

That’s me in biking through Buenos Aires in November. One of the easiest ways to explore a new city and make friends is to go on a bike tour.

I’m a bit different when it comes to travel. I actually enjoy being at home. I don’t try to escape too often.

A few ways you can travel are:

  • Attend events. In 2014, I attended the World Domination Summit in Portland and FinCon in New Orleans. Both were excellent excuses to travel alone, meet new friends, and check another city off the bucket list.
  • Go somewhere to learn a skill. One of my friends went to Thailand to become a master at scuba diving.
  • Visit family/friends. I’m sure there’s someone out there you want to visit.

What’s the point of this? 

Traveling alone will do more for you than I could possibly explain in one blog article. I was afraid of traveling alone until I started in 2011. I now regret waiting so long. I’ve had some of the best times on the trips that I went on solo. I’ve met some of the coolest people and experienced things that I won’t even begin to explain here.

What are some recommended certificates that you can earn?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” — Oscar Wilde

You have to complete everything mentioned above. For some of you that might be too much. For some, it’s not enough.

You can also earn some certificates and take some additional courses. What are these?

Watch standup comedy.

There’s just something interesting about watching standup. These are some of the best public speakers on the planet. I recommend watching videos online and going to shows in person. Watch how they interact, improvise, and command the room.

Go out often and do it sober.

Stop hiding behind alcohol! Stop behind afraid of talking. Go out as often as possible. Go out alone. Talk to strangers. Make new friends. Do it all sober if you can.

The greatest skill that you can learn is to speak to people and to make friends.

[Mandatory read: The 100 Facebook friends challenge.]

Throw a surprise party.

I threw my parents a surprise party for their 25th anniversary. Throw someone a surprise party and watch the madness unfold.


Give back. Stop being so cheap with your time and money. Do something good for others for once.

That’s all I could think of for now. Don’t be afraid to add something in the comments section.

How long is the Studenomics MBA?

This is a one year program, but, the reality is that it should take many years.

It depends on when you start and what your current credentials are.

Do you have to quit your job?

Not at all. You can do all of this while still working. I actually encourage that. You should never trust a charlatan online telling you to quit your job. What kind of careless advice is that?

Can you do this straight after high school?

Yes. You can save yourself a lot of money this way. You can also take the time to figure yourself out. There’s no sense in feeling guilty about taking time off after high school. I personally rushed throughout college. I wish I slowed down a bit.

What are the results?

I wanted to highlight some student results!

  • My friend Mike has saved over $35k in the last two years.
  • Another student has just paid off $45k in debt (more coming soon).

What will you results be?

This section is a featured piece in my hit book. So don’t forget to grab your copy right now if you’re tired of being pissed off about your money.


Your move. What are you going to do? Are you going to earn the Studenomics MBA or will you continue wasting time?

“The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” – Richard Branson

6 thoughts on “The Solution to Insane College Costs and Endless Frustration (The Studenomics MBA)”

  1. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and life by accomplishing some of these skills. I particularly like the travel by yourself. I think it should be to a foreign country where you’ll be pushed out your comfort zone. You’ll adapt and figure out things on your own. The everyday things of doing laundry or taking a subway will soon be a challenge, but you’ll figure it out. It’s a good learning experience itself.

    Throwing a surprise party sounds like fun! It’s a great idea for someone to get things in order and organize an event. I’m sure not many young people have organized something in their life.

    In addition to study someone successful, I would make a goal to meet an entrepreneur. You’ll get motivated to start something of your own.

    All great ideas to push yourself out of your comfort zone. This really how you develop new skills.

    1. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is key. Amazing things happen when you challenge yourself. You see what you’re really made of.

      And that’s an excellent point. As you travel, something as simple as the subway becomes an issue all of a sudden because you have to figure this out again.

  2. While I value higher education, I have a completely different view of where that education needs to come from now. No need for the expensive advanced degree unless you’re pursuing a career that requires it- doctor, lawyer, nurse, etc. Otherwise it’s all about experience and skills, and you’ve outlined some really good ways above to develop both of those.

  3. Jacquelyn Delcamp (@jrdhuskers)

    Traveling alone is a big one.. the sense of vulnerability and self-reliance does a lot for the soul and you don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself. There is a plus there!

    I like the sober idea…it saves you more money that way too. Good points.

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